AASBS 2023 will commence shortly

AASBS 2023 will commence shortly

AASBS 2023 will commence shortly

The 3rd installment of the AASBS conference will be starting very soon.

The conference’s latest installment will feature leading iGaming professionals, who will shortly be gathering in San Diego to discuss and learn about the future of the gambling industry in the United States.

The conference’s organizer, Eventus International, has recently announced Bill Pascrell as AASBS’s chairman. Having multiple decades of experience in the gambling industry and in legal and government affairs, Pascrell is an esteemed professional. He is most famous for his role in New Jersey’s gambling market regulation, leading a campaign that led to the passing of the state’s online gambling laws.

Throughout the conference’s three days, AASBS 2023 will be offering its attendees plenty of exciting educational opportunities with its informative panels. The event’s first discussion will cover the industry’s major trends and will explore projections for the US gambling market.

Several other noteworthy discussions will take place over the summit’s three days, such as one about responsible play and protection, which will be held on the second day of the event and led by AASBS’s chairman, Bill Pascrell. The panel’s participants will talk about how enhancing protection efforts can help companies grow more sustainably and will cover a few programs and strategies that can assist industry companies in this mission.

Lastly, the third day of the conference will feature a discussion panel on the ever-evolving nature of the gambling industry. The panel will see participants talk about how companies can identify gaps in the market and make use of various innovative technologies to enhance their competitive efforts.

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