AffPapa partners up with Perkeez – first ever iGaming gifting platform

AffPapa partners up with Perkeez – first ever iGaming gifting platform

AffPapa partners up with Perkeez – first ever iGaming gifting platform

The ultimate iGaming directory – AffPapa, and Perkeez – the first ever gifting platform in the iGaming industry, team up to introduce you this exciting gifting project!

What is Perkeez?

Perkeez is a gifting platform (the first one in the iGaming industry!), developed by a small team of people with a collective of over a decade of experience in the field.

The story behind the creation of Perkeez is rather consequential to the notorious 1st lockdown period in 2020. The initial idea to create Perkeez was born during online calls and meetings, after discussing the universal experience of embarrassing situations while sending gifts, and ESPECIALLY the headache of dealing with unnecessary bureaucracy that occurs with big delivery companies.

The vision and main goal in the core of Perkeez is to help you – the user, send gifts easily, in a matter of just a few steps, and stay calm because Perkeez deals with all the headache for you.

What does Perkeez do?

Perkeez is here to help you find the perfect balance between work and your relationships with your partners and employees, by introducing you to this time-saving gifting platform which easily connects business partners and employees within the iGaming industry, saving you from the headache of store finding, delivery, custom costs, and other bureaucracy.

Think of Perkeez as a CRM gifting tool which doesn’t require maintenance from you AT ALL.

The platform is easy to use. Perkeez has all the information you need to send a gift – the address, the phone number, the preferences from your business partner or employee, etc.

Perkeez solves and eliminates a multitude of problems in regards to gift giving all at once:

  1. Deciding who to send a gift to,
  2. Chasing your business partners and employees for their delivery address details,
  3. Finding a supplier & a delivery company,
  4. Figuring out what your business partners or employees like,
  5. Waiting until the gift is received,
  6. Dealing with customs policy.

How to use Perkeez?

All of this sounds fantastic and innovative, right? But how does one make use of this forward-thinking and helpful platform?

Here’s how to get started (or get perking) in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register and invite your business partners and employees to join,
  2. Choose your budget,
  3. Relax!

With a quick sign-up process, join the Perkeez super friendly platform & send it to your partners or employees. Once both parties are registered at Perkeez, you are ready to start Perking!

Perkeez offers extra customized and thoughtful gifting by finding out what your business partners and employees like without the awkwardness of you asking them or starting an investigation of your own.

No need to chase your partners and employees for their accurate address details. No more headaches dealing with the big delivery companies & customs bureaucracy.

Moreover, the Personal Calendar & Events Reminder in your Perkeez account will guarantee you will never forget any special occasion related to your partners – Perkeez calendar includes all the main holidays so you can simply add any event & get notified in advance.

And finally, say goodbye to delivery delays and customs bureaucracy! Perkeez makes sure to deliver your gifts in time and save you and the receiver of your gifts from uncomfortable situations of customs policy.

Perkeez currently delivers in 10 different countries, however based on your demand and feedback they plan to grow the list of the countries soon! All deliveries are at desired address within a maximum of 7 days.


Seeing all the thought, personal experience, dedication, and passion that was put into creating Perkeez, our team here at AffPapa is super excited to start working with such a forward-thinking and daring company, with whom we share many values in regards to business and innovation.

Thank you for making it to the end of this article! Make sure to join us here at AffPapa – the ultimate directory for iGaming Operators and Affiliates!

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