AffPapa’s year in review: a look back at 2022

AffPapa’s year in review: a look back at 2022

AffPapa’s year in review: a look back at 2022

As AffPapa closes out 2022, we’re proud to say that we exceeded our own goals and expectations, with significant achievements in terms of corporate and industry repute. The year was packed with brand-new initiatives, expanded services, and strategic partnerships. 

AffPapa is delighted to present a 2022 rundown, looking back at all of the year’s highlights and revealing big plans for the coming year.

Expanded partners list

Good bonds make good communities. 2022 was a year for many new business relations to be formed. AffPapa significantly grew its partner network, now boasting 1300+ affiliates and 150+ operators in its directory looking for their perfect partners, building strong brand recognition, and being a part of the AP community.

Apart from bringing in new partners, AffPapa also extended a number of collaborations with major industry names. This is the most significant indicator of the company’s ongoing success – a result of hard work and a great approach toward each of our partners.

Determining the Best of the Best

In April, after months of preparation, AffPapa launched its first-ever iGaming Awards. This was AffPapa’s first big change away from connecting operators to affiliates, and toward highlighting the top performers in the industry from across the world. 

Featuring 20 award nominations, the online event honored affiliates and operators who had excelled and shown to be outstanding partners, boosting the industry as a whole.

AffPapa iGaming Awards turned out to be a major success, with sponsoring names including Royal Partners, BC.Game, Betsson Group Affiliates, Campeon Affiliates, and more. Every sponsor had a positive impact on the event, and their contributions were crucial in helping create a great experience for all involved.

Introducing iGaming.Club event series

Not long after in May, AffPapa unveiled its first offline event, iGaming.Club Amsterdam, kicking off a worldwide series of online gambling events hosted across the world. Having become the ultimate iGaming directory connecting operators and affiliates together in the online format, it was time to do something that would further unite industry members and strengthen business ties offline.

In July, iGaming affiliates, operators, and B2Bs gathered under one roof, establishing what is now iGaming.Club. The networking dinner and drinks saw over 140 attendees celebrate the AffPapa iGaming Awards winners, enjoy speeches from industry experts, and soak in the ambiance of one of Amsterdam’s most historic buildings, De Bazel.

Launching B2B project, TheGamblest

With AffPapa’s ongoing success, it was time to broaden the company and its services. In July, we introduced TheGamblest, an AffPapa subsidiary concentrating on the B2B side of iGaming. 

TheGamblest was created with the intention of becoming a directory with a complete list of software and platform suppliers where operators could search and locate the finest solutions, services, and products for their gambling niche. In addition to the B2B directory, the company has evolved into a news portal since its debut, with a strong emphasis on bringing up-to-date iGaming news and articles from all areas of the industry.

Major corporate shifts

September marked a significant milestone in the company’s corporate structure, with Levon Nikoghosyan joining the team as a board member and ultimately becoming AffPapa’s CEO in December 2022. This strengthened AffPapa’s industry position and accelerated its growth rate toward a more expanded portfolio of iGaming offerings. Nikoghosyan, an early investor of AffPapa, will continue on his mission of progressively merging his years of experience into the company, building an innovative culture for the entire team in 2023 and beyond.

Industry recognition & 2023 plans 

AffPapa wraps up 2022, firmly establishing the company’s foothold in the market. The challenge for 2023 is to take the momentum of 2022 and further grow AffPapa’s market share and partner base.

With so much planned for next year, AffPapa’s second and largest event, iGaming.Club London, will kick off 2023 on February 8, followed by larger events that the company will reveal progressively throughout the year.  To purchase tickets or learn about sponsorship options, click here.

We would like to thank everyone in our AffPapa community for their contributions to meeting all of our goals this year. In the coming year, we plan to meet more of our existing partners and welcome new ones to our big AP community.

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