AffPapa’s year in review: a look back at 2023

AffPapa’s year in review: a look back at 2023

AffPapa’s year in review: a look back at 2023

As AffPapa prepares to say goodbye to 2023, we are delighted to share our key accomplishments of the year, which helped us exceed expectations and surpass our strategic goals.

In addition to looking back at our achievements and fulfilled strategic objectives, we will also share a bit about several exciting developments the AffPapa community should look forward to in 2024.

Continued growth of the AffPapa directory

2023 was full of successful partnerships for AffPapa, with around a hundred new operators having joined the directory while dozens of others renewed their working relationships. AffPapa also greatly expanded its network of affiliates, providing a larger-than-ever set of partners with standout partnership opportunities that can help them expand in the ever-evolving online gambling space. In total, the AffPapa directory now boasts more than 1500 affiliates and over 300 operators, solidifying its leading position in the sector.

The launch of AffPapa’s affiliate management service

At the beginning of the year, AffPapa launched its affiliate management service, which provides operators with standout growth opportunities through affiliate onboarding and management. Being backed by one of the industry’s largest affiliate networks featuring more than 1500 affiliates, the service helps operators greatly enhance their marketing efforts to reach expanded audiences all across the globe.

AffPapa trained its team of affiliate managers for months to ensure they were fit for the task of working with so many partners. With countless new operator clients currently being lined up to utilize the affiliate management service, AffPapa is constantly carrying out training for new affiliate managers to not only keep up with demand but also continue elevating the service’s quality. Moreover, the service offers a tiered pricing system to make it accessible to a wide variety of both growing and established operators.

iGaming Club holds successful events worldwide

Throughout the year, AffPapa hosted four leading events as part of the iGaming Club series, taking a total of more than 1200 attendees to 4 standout locations all across Europe and providing them with a set of exclusive networking opportunities. The series also provided a mixed set of opportunities to its attendees over the year, with approximately 45% of its audience being represented by operators, 40% by affiliates, and 15% by B2B providers.

The year started off with iGaming Club London, which was held in early February and welcomed top industry professionals from all across the globe. The event was followed by iGaming Club Malta, which was held in conjunction with iGaming Next during the iGaming Next Valetta summit in late June and hosted an audience of more than 800 top iGaming experts. iGaming Club Malta further solidified its importance for AffPapa by featuring the second annual edition of the AffPapa iGaming Awards, which we will cover more in-depth shortly.

The summer of 2023 hosted another iGaming Club event in Amsterdam, returning to the series’ first-ever destination where the inaugural iGaming Club Amsterdam was held back in 2022. AffPapa held the year’s last iGaming Club event in Barcelona in late September, which continued providing attendees with the high-quality networking experiences they have come to expect from the series.

The second annual edition of the AffPapa iGaming Awards

Following its successful inaugural installment in 2022, the second edition of the AffPapa iGaming Awards continued celebrating the sector’s best contributors for their efforts in a variety of aspects of the industry. The ceremony greatly expanded its scope by awarding 35 leading industry firms, growing significantly from the inaugural event’s 20 categories and celebrating leading operators, affiliates, and providers from all across the globe.

Continued growth of TheGamblest

The year was also quite successful for AffPapa’s B2B project, TheGamblest, which greatly expanded its directory of the industry’s best iGaming providers throughout the year. The brand experienced a healthy amount of growth over 2023, providing its readers with the latest news relating to various B2B gambling firms and publishing various other informative content, including detailed articles and interviews with top professionals.

The team behind AffPapa

What to look forward to in 2024?

AffPapa continues moving forward with its strategic mission of expanding its presence in the ever-evolving online gambling industry. Over the next year, AffPapa will continue expanding its network of partners, providing operators and affiliates with ever-increasing value through the AffPapa directory.

AffPapa’s committed growth

One of the most exciting changes the AffPapa community can look forward to in 2024 is the upcoming inclusion of B2B providers in the directory. Through this move, gambling providers and developers will be able to greatly expand the reach of their products and services, further enhancing the appeal of the AffPapa directory.

Throughout the next year, AffPapa will also continue improving its affiliate management service to provide operators with standout growth opportunities. As the AffPapa community continues to expand, our clients can look forward to reaching ever-evolving audiences of gambling enthusiasts all across the globe with the help of some of the industry’s best iGaming affiliates.

iGaming Club to kick off 2024 in London

AffPapa will continue hosting various exclusive networking events across numerous top-notch locations, providing its attendees with leading experiences through high-end dinners, signature speed-dating sessions, and more. The iGaming Club series will start off the new year in London on the 6th of February, providing its participants with a productive start to the year. Visit iGaming Club London 2024’s website to secure your tickets and inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Flagship event: iGaming Club Malaga

AffPapa will also continue enhancing its iGaming Club series of events throughout the upcoming year, with 2024’s flagship event set to take place in Malaga. The event’s key feature is going to be its format, hosting the first-ever fully-featured conference under the iGaming Club brand. iGaming Club Malaga is estimated to host more than 800 top industry professionals from all over the worldwide gambling sector, providing attendees with lots of networking opportunities while maintaining the series’ exclusivity.

The upcoming conference will feature a wide variety of experiences iGaming professionals have come to expect from the sector’s best events, including discussion panels, an exhibition area with branded booths, and many more. iGaming Club Malaga will also feature iGaming Club’s signature speed-dating sessions, through which professionals will be able to maximize their networking productivity and connect with prospecting partners.

The Spanish city was chosen for the upcoming conference through a survey of iGaming Club members, with Malaga being selected for its excellent connections with Europe and standout entertainment options. Furthermore, iGaming Club Malaga is also set to host the 2024 edition of the AffPapa iGaming Awards, which will continue celebrating top industry contributors for their efforts and innovations.

We would like to thank all of the members of our community for making it possible for us to achieve our strategic objectives. AffPapa looks forward to meeting its members throughout the year and welcoming new partners through fruitful collaborations.

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