ASA takes down Bet365 promoted post

ASA takes down Bet365 promoted post

ASA takes down Bet365 promoted post

The ASA has recently ordered Bet365 to not promote a Twitter post because of its appeal to minors.

The promoted tweet in question was originally posted by Sky Sports Premier League, one of the operator’s media partners. The post included a video that started off with a short clip of Bet365’s logo followed by a 20-second clip in which popular football player Granit Xhaka scored a goal during a match between Manchester United and Arsenal. This tweet was published and promoted in February of this year.

When challenged about the post’s appeal among younger people, Bet365 stated that the advertisement utilized Twitter’s Amplify advertising feature to facilitate its sponsorship integration with its media partner, which placed the operator’s advert before the main content of the post. The firm stated that this was done to resemble advertisements on television, which often get shown before various programs.

Additionally, the operator stated that its advertisement only targeted users of the social media platform that were over the age of 25. When requested to verify Xhaka’s appeal among younger people, the operator found that the athlete had the largest share of under-18 followers on TikTok, which is a platform Bet365 does not advertise on.

The ASA decided to uphold the complaint and order the operator to not promote the post again. The organization stated that because the firm promoted the entirety of the tweet, the portion featuring the popular athlete had to be considered as part of an advertisement for Bet365. This in turn meant that the post could only be allowed on platforms where advertisers can reliably target older sports fans, as higher-league football players are considered to have a high probability of having a sizable following of minors. However, Twitter’s age verification system does not meet that criteria.

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