Atlantic City casino workers battle smoking ban

Atlantic City casino workers battle smoking ban

Atlantic City casino workers battle smoking ban

Employees in Atlantic City’s casinos are complaining about Governor Phil Murphy’s indifferent response to a planned ban on smoking in establishments.

While appearing on News 12’s “Ask Gov. Murphyprogram, Governor Murphy acknowledged that there are differing views within the casino enterprises on the ban. The United Auto Workers (UAW), which is the union for casino dealers, is in favor of the prohibition, claiming that it is inconvenient and unhealthy for surrounding customers to smoke.

A different union, Unite Here’s Local 54, has voiced worries that enforcing a smoking ban would have a detrimental effect on business because it fears losing smoker clients.

Pete Naccarelli, a co-founder of Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects (CEASE), attacked Governor Murphy for lending legitimacy to the casino industry’s fear tactics, which he feels are based on false allegations. Naccarelli contends that unbiased studies suggest casinos might earn more money in a smoke-free atmosphere. He asked Governor Murphy to place a higher priority on worker health, stressing that nobody should have to jeopardize their health in order to perform their job.

To exacerbate the situation, CEASE and UAW Region 9 have sued Governor Murphy and the state health commissioner, contesting the Smoke-Free Air Act of 2006 exemption that permits smoking at casinos. The workers are even more furious since they are desperate for a solution to protect their health, as seen by the postponement of a court hearing initially planned to address this matter until May 13.

For the employees trying to impose a smoking ban, the court case’s postponement has been a major blow. Naccarelli has expressed annoyance at the hold-up, pointing out that thousands of casino workers continue to face health hazards. The employees are committed to pursuing a complete smoking ban despite resistance from the Casino Association of New Jersey, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding their health and standing up for their constitutional rights.

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