BBIN releases new charity video for TGB

BBIN releases new charity video for TGB

Posted by: AffPapa

The Gaming Beat Charity has been taking part in the resolution of many problems across the world since its launch in 2018. The charity is a brand from the leading iGaming supplier in Asia, BBIN. It has collaborated with some well-known charities from all over the globe to impose social responsibility in corporate settings and positively contributing to society.

Now, the charity has published a new video in which it follows the lives of four characters, detailing all the puzzles and tricky situations the world is currently coming face-to-face with. The first character, a girl standing on the ground, is debating whether or not to jump off the springboard. The next one is a boy staring off into space, but what is he waiting for? Then we are shown an old man who is seemingly waiting for something near a shriveled up tree, but why? BBIN is asking everyone to check out the video and find out the answers to all these questions.

All throughout the video, we can see the hot pink colour being used to portray the charity’s endless love. TGB Charity’s logo also uses a heart symbol and game elements that really mirror its ‘Think big, Give beyond’ mindset. By launching many different activities and working on new projects, BBIN and the charity will keep on raising awareness.

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