Betkick and Betago receive German sportsbook licences

Betkick and Betago receive German sportsbook licences

Posted by: AffPapa

Betkick and Betago are now the two most recent operators to obtain new sportsbook licences in Germany. These two are now capable of providing their sports betting products to all customers in Germany. Since last October, there have been 23 new brands approved for the offering of sports betting in the German market.

Betkick was acquired by Stoiximan back in July of 2018, as it previously used to belong to Kaizen Gaming. It was founded initially in Austria and rapidly gained fame within the scene. After the acquisition of the German licence, it will be able to provide sports betting completely legally in the territory under the domain.

The licence given to Betkick is solely to be used online. However, Betago has been given licences for both online and retail purposes. Right now, Betago is licenced in Malta. It has been working hard on its expansion strategy to expand into Germany.

Additionally, Germany’s government has been on the move in terms of the approval of many new sports betting licenses since October of 2020. It is not hard, however, to notice a certain delay in the process of approving new licences. Since the new regulations and rules in the area were imposed towards the end of 2020, the effects of that event are still standing.

Many operators reported a large presence in applications as opposed to approvals in Germany as of now. This is only a small issue that will hopefully clear up soon and the process will be accelerated once the German government takes note of the advantages that the sport betting industry has in the territory.

An interesting detail to take note of is that 22 out of 23 of the awarded licences in Germany in the last 4 or so months have been strictly for online use. The state lottery-owned sportsbook Oddset is the only licensee who applied only for retail betting. 

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