BetMakers reorganizing its team of senior executives

BetMakers reorganizing its team of senior executives

BetMakers reorganizing its team of senior executives

BetMakers declares altering positions of its senior executives having Todd Buckingham appointed as the leading growth officer.

It was starting from October 2009 that Buckingham held the position of the company CEO. Now, once he steps down from the position, Jake Henson, who was formerly the chief operating officer, will take up the role as the CEO.

Buckingham will now work toward international cooperation initiatives while Henson will run effective operations aimed at bolstering revenue.

Matt Davey, who has a rich experience working in the online gambling industry, was designated as the executive chairman and president, taking up the responsibility to lead the strategic part, supervising and prioritizing processes.

Nick Chan, however, won’t change his position. He will continue his tenure as a board member by contributing to the growth of the business.

BetMakers explained the reconstruction of the company stating that they crave to further strengthen their position in the market. The company executives stated that they’re excited by the unparalleled growth rate and accomplishments they managed to achieve during three consecutive years. And they’re beyond excited for the big plans they have for the future.

Betmakes acknowledges the Global Racing Division being in its initial state. Despite this, the division has a big potential for growth and is supported by different initiatives, one of them being the Global Tote Hub.

Executive chairman and president Matt Davey mentioned:

‘’With a track record of 25 years working in this industry, and also on my own investment firm Tekkorp Capital, I’m quite familiar with all the wagering opportunities the industry has to offer. My rich experience in this sector allows me to claim that the business model BetMakers pursues allows the company to enjoy a unique positioning in the international market. I take up the position aiming for results that’ll be beneficial for all shareholders in the long run. I’m sure that the team is professional enough to handle complicated tasks.’’

Buckingham mentioned:

“My primary goal is focused on monetization opportunities. For the time being, I think I can best apply my skills and expertise to fulfill this objective. The team is highly proficient, I can even say that the most professional executives have come together to work on an exciting project which is sure to succeed.’’

The firm announced that it’s going to diversify its portfolio and further strengthen its position in the global market. The company mentioned that the expansion to the international market will help monetize their activities at a global scale.

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