Betshop – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

Betshop – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

Betshop – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

AffPapa presents an informative review of Betshop casino after examining the structure, services, features, and products the iGaming operator introduces on its website. 

Here is a quick outline of what Betshop offers its players to engage them in the world of play. Read on to learn more about the features which the betting operator presents on its website. 

  • Curacao Gaming License
  • A variety of slots
  • Betting coupons
  • Odds filter option
  • Comprehensive statistics section
  • E-wallet payment options
  • Live phone and overnight betting
  • A mobile-friendly website

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What is Betshop?

Betshop is an iGaming operator which provides its players with a variety of casino & sports betting services and ensures a positive user experience. The betting company has adopted responsible gambling procedures which can be deemed favorable by potential punters. What’s more, the consistent policies of the company stated on its website make players feel secure about their personal information. Betshop assures that credentials will not be disclosed to third parties unless otherwise agreed with the player. In contrast to personal information, which is confidential, the company is transparent stating its cashout rules and other terms.

What sports betting and casino products does Betshop deliver?

When it comes to service coverage, it is essential for betting providers to integrate various options to satisfy any taste. Betshop offers different gambling services such as sports betting, live betting, casino, live casino, and virtual sports. Customers can explore an extensive array of sports betting services right on their landing page, which covers everything from soccer and basketball to tennis, volleyball, and ice hockey.

What currencies and payment methods does Betshop accept?

In the iGaming industry, flexibility is king, isn’t it? With dynamic competition in the market, it’s always essential to ensure transactions with as many payment methods as possible. Betshop is known to accept bets in different currencies such as USD, EUR, UAH, NGN, DKK, NOK, RON, SEK, and CHF. The betting company, however, doesn’t yet accept any cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Betshop is recognized to accept bets with a variety of secure payment methods which let its players feel at ease while wagering and getting their winnings. Here is the comprehensive list of payment methods: 

  • Visa
  • Neteller
  • Mastercard  
  • Bank transfer 
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill 
  • Skrill Moneybookers

Note: Skrill Moneybookers is a digital wallet the integration of which allows uploading money and making secure bets. The fact that Betshop accepts bets with Moneybookers will give its players the flexibility to bet and manage the gains on the go.

What GEOs does the online casino cover?

Betshop, licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority, is known to provide iGaming services in many territories from all around the world. But in fact, the majority of the players are from Europe. The betting company even has a separate betting website for its audience in Greece. 


Betshop website presents a full list of the restricted territories, which mainly include those in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia. The continent of Antarctica is also on this list. So, players should be mindful of their betting experiences should they be planning an out-of-the-ordinary journey to Antarctica. The list of the restricted territories includes, but is not limited to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • China
  • Russia
  • France 
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

betshop restricted countries

User experience 

  • Sign-up process 

As stated out on the website, the sign-up process on Betshop is quite intuitive. It takes its users through three steps. Users are required to fill in their full name, email address, mobile number, residence address, preferred currency, and a few other details to begin with. Once players provide all the required info, they’re all set.   

  • Website Interface 

Betshop can be proud of having a user-friendly interface. Thanks to the structure of the website, bettors should feel comfortable the moment they land on the website all through navigation, signup, and placing bets. In case bettors have any questions about their account, placing bets, deposits, or withdrawals, the website gives detailed information on its FAQ page. 

It’s a pity that Betshop doesn’t have Android or iOS apps. Saying this, the company is known to have a mobile-friendly interface compatible with any smartphone or tablet, so punters can wager while out of the home. 

  • Bonuses, promotions & tournaments 

Betshop doesn’t offer attractive bonuses, nor a welcome bonus to engage new players. Instead, the betting shop offers good odds, multiple leagues and tournaments to make punters excited to support their favorite team and enhance the thrill by betting. 

Responsible gambling

dataBetshop has adopted responsible gambling procedures cautioning against cases when one can be head over heels in gambling. For instance, players may catch themselves on the thought they’re thrilled about playing to earn money or win back the lost amount. 

Most importantly, borrowing money to play is a complete no-no. Once punters realize they’re getting addicted, it’s a red flag! In such cases, they’re free to get in touch with Betshop customer support to suspend or close their account. 


Transparency is an overall good concept, but not when it comes to handling personal information. Betshop ensures the personal info of players remains undisclosed unless the company has their consent. Betshop presents a privacy policy on its website which provides full coverage of the way a player’s information can be handled.

1. What kind of personal information does Betshop own?

It’s true that Betshop will have access to players’ personal info such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses to use for promotions and communication. In addition, Betshop possesses info about the betting habits, preferences, and betting history of its users. The company also has access to credit/debit card details to make sure players are eligible to hold those cards. Besides, Betshop needs to be certain that players have sufficient financial resources for betting. 

2. How does Betshop handle personal information? 

Although Betshop has the mentioned info, it acknowledges being quite considerate about handling it. According to the statements presented on its website, the company may only share a customer’s personal info with banks in case of issues with the online account. To approve identity, Betshop may need to share personal info with state authorities like authentication agencies. In other cases, according to their terms, this information will remain undisclosed unless otherwise agreed with the holder.

3. Does Betshop take measures to ensure online security?

Last but not least, the company uses an SSL certificate on its website which means the info users send over the Internet is encrypted. Accordingly, it’ll remain undisclosed by servers other than the one belonging to the addressee’s PC. 

How Betshop sets out its cashout rules  

In contrast to personal info which is confidential, Betshop is quite transparent stating its cashout rules. Players can get informed anytime about the possibility, as well as the terms and conditions for withdrawing the amount of money wagered. The cashout opportunity is stated to be available both pre-game and live game for single and multiple bets. However, the option is unavailable for system bet varieties.  

Customer service and communication

Betshop has responsive customer support. The crew is there for its users from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm every day. In case users have any signup, account-related, deposit, withdrawal, or betting questions, they’re free to drop a line at


  • Betshop won’t allow people under the age of 21 to sign up on its website.
  • The company reserves the right to request authentication documents.
  • The company is authorized to check if the customer is eligible to hold the card.
  • Betshop won’t accept money received as a result of criminal activity.
  • Betshop is authorized to occasionally change the odds.
  • Only the odds which were active at the moment of accepting bets will be valid.

Wrapping it Up 

Betshop is an online gambling operator which ensures versatile betting experiences. The company acknowledges itself as a betting service with considerate responsible gambling policies. The intuitive website and its compatibility with mobile devices ensure positive user experiences. Even more, the flexible payment system and the promised confidentiality of personal data make the service way more attractive for players. Above all, the responsive customer service makes users feel assured that any issues along the way will be handled on time.

Long story short, if players want to try out the Betshop service, they’re welcome to do so. However, AffPapa recommends checking all the terms and conditions presented on their website before the signup. By and large, before joining any iGaming service, users should make sure to explore all the rules, features, and policies adopted by the online casino.

Feel free to explore more reviews on the AffPapa iGaming Reviews page featuring iGaming operators, their affiliate programs, as well as affiliate websites.

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