Betsson Group Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Betsson Group Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Betsson Group Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

On this week’s iGaming Voice, AffPapa spoke to Betsson Group Affiliates‘ Senior Key Affiliate Manager, David Nilsson. He shared his insights on a few interesting topics, like the importance of industry events and the strategies required to maintain a market-leading position for over six decades in the iGaming sector.

Yeva: What does Betsson Group Affiliates offer its affiliates? What makes the affiliate program stand out from the competition?

This is a great question that is important for a business like ours. With 60 years in business, we are here to stay, that means we offer stable and high converting well-established brands and products for our affiliates to promote. We strive to deliver exceptional service to both players and partners so this means the traffic our partners send us is well taken care of and will work for them long term. With proven track record to deliver the best experience for our players and we run many great promotions on strong brands makes us a reliable partner, one you can always count on.

Yeva: How has 2023 been so far for Betsson Group Affiliates? Any exciting updates to share with our audience?

2023 so far have been great with continued expansions in LATAM that are backed up with local teams, that gives us the local knowledge and have a finger on the pulse to adapt in these markets and we aim to continue on this track with more markets like Cordoba in Argentina soon to be ready. In Italy we also recently released a sportsbook product, called StarCasino Bet and we will shortly be Bingo expanding on our offerings. We are always looking to open new markets which keeps things fresh and adds a unique challenge which we are always excited for.

Yeva: One of the largest iGaming conferences, iGB Affiliate London, has wrapped recently. What did Betsson Group Affiliates have on display at its stand? What was the experience like?

The London conference is always a busy time for us, and we’ve managed to make a lot of contacts with new and existing partners. We also made sure to have some fun with a football challenge game on our stand where our partners had a chance to win signed football Jerseys and other football merchandise which we offered in collaboration with our sponsors. Even when we did not have the game active, people still came to our stand to play and we used that to talk to them and connect.

Yeva: Betsson Group has been operating for over 60 years. What are some of the strategies of maintaining a leading market position for so long?

We have been in the industry for a long time as you mention, 60 years, just that is an accomplishment by itself I would say and with so many outstanding operators in the industry we have to keep striving to be even better all the time, that keeps us on our toes and make sure we offer exceptional brands and strategies. We also work with many amazing ambassadors and sponsorships all over the world that makes us unique in our own right.

Yeva: How does BGA adapt industry trends to suit its core values and business strategy?

We always aim to focus on our core values, Fair Play, One Betsson and Passion. This is vital in setting up partnerships with like-minded business owners who operate with similar values. We are a responsible gaming company first and foremost and this always dictates the way we operate no matter the market. We take compliance very seriously, so any changes or requirements we are first to act and ensure we play by the rules. With local knowledge and skills we maintain our marketing edge by being proactive in the way we do business.

Yeva: The company is heavily focused on the Swedish market. What other markets did you grow in the past year? Any plans to enter new ones?

Betsson began as a Swedish company, we continue with our commitments there and in every market we have a presence we are 100% committed to the long term success. Growth is always part of our business approach, and it will continue in 2023. We see great opportunities in new markets while we continue to preserve and grow our existing markets across our many channels and products.

Yeva: Having recently won two awards on Caziwoo and at the start of the month, how important do you think are rewards in our industry?

Awards are always good as it shows the industry rewards us for the work we put in but also it solidifies the credibility and recognition that we are trustworthy, reliable and a brand that is recognised by its peers in the industry.

Yeva: Betsson Group Affiliates was one of the sponsors of AffPapa’s recent iGaming Club London 2023 event. How do networking dinners like it help the company connect with affiliates?

betsson group affiliates x igaming club london ’23 sponsor
BGA as iGaming Club London ’23 sponsor

Networking is an important part of what we do and being partnered with AffPapa helps us to increase these types of interactions. I did not attend personally but our Head of Affiliates and some of my colleagues went to the dinner. They got to speak with a few of our partners and network which they mentioned was a great experience. In general, these types of events are important as they are what affiliation is all about – there is always an opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and create long term relationships.

Yeva: How did you join Betsson Group Affiliates? What is it like being part of such a big company?

I have been in affiliation since 2009 on all sides so I can see it from all angles. Working for Betsson Group is great and I have now been working here since 2020 and it offers a high level of security. Some processes can of course take a bit longer in a big company rather than if it was a smaller company, but the end result and support is much higher. I lived all over Europe during my years in gaming, working for some big, middle and small companies. I would say I prefer big companies as processes are in place already and you don’t need to create these from scratch.

Company: Betsson Group Affiliates
Interviewee: David Nilsson
Date: 02.03.2023

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