BitStarz Casino introduces new QR code method for crypto deposits

BitStarz Casino introduces new QR code method for crypto deposits

Posted by: AffPapa

2021 has arrived and BitStarz Casino is going all out already. This year, the players will have the ability to make a cryptocurrency deposit at BitStarz Casino through a QR code, which is unique for each player.

The easier it is to play, the more fun it is, and BitStarz Casino is ensuring that the players get just the right portion of simple access and exciting gameplay. The casino is starting 2021 by introducing QR code access to players who would like to deposit in cryptocurrencies at the casino.

Basically, if a player is seeking to deposit in crypto, all they have to do is select the exact cryptocurrency on the website, and they’ll be provided with a unique QR code by the casino to use. The players can then use their smartphones to scan that code and move on with their depositing.

Another option for the player is to copy and paste their crypto address to their wallet in order to be able to send funds to the casino. Players do not need to make the QR code themselves as the casino is directly providing a unique code to players’ accounts.

The QR code is unique to each player. When a player is making the crypto deposit, the QR code will be displayed for the player only. The code will link you to the deposit address, and it is specifically designed for each player, the factor which renders it perfectly safe and secure. The player only has to scan it in order to be able to use it.

Both new and existing players can fully rely on the QR code scanning for their crypto depositing.

BitStarz is on an active lookout to make player enjoyment unmatched, and this QR code introduction is an amazing way to do it.

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