Breaking down AFFTER’s success at iGB Affiliate London

Breaking down AFFTER’s success at iGB Affiliate London

Breaking down AFFTER’s success at iGB Affiliate London

Explore AFFTER‘s success story at iGB Affiliate London through their unique approach to affiliate marketing.

Every day, new possibilities and problems arise due to the ongoing evolution of the digital ecosystem. The iGB Affiliate London 2024 conference is an essential gathering for anybody interested in navigating the intricate waters of the affiliate marketing industry. Over two hundred organizations vied for the 6,500 attendees’ attention at this conference, which is where the titans of the past meet the entrepreneurs of today.

Being different and relevant is more important than simply showing up if you want to attract the top-tier affiliates. iGB London’s lively AFFTER exhibition highlights an important idea: in-person encounters and experiences have the power to create deeper bonds than any internet campaign.

An Engaging Affiliate Program

AFFTER established a name in iGaming thanks to its knowledgeable staff and in-depth knowledge of the field. Affiliates were delighted by the platform’s remarkable selection of gaming and betting options, as well as its robust analytics, real-time statistics, and unwavering data protection.

Through the implementation of an invitation-only, exclusive policy, AFFTER improved the standard of its commercial partnerships. This tactic set the affiliate program apart from its rivals and reaffirmed its dedication to cultivating sincere, valuable alliances inside the sector.

AFFTER’s disclosure that it is reaching out to new geographic areas—such as the strategically significant Eastern European regions and other Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries—shows that it has a thorough grasp of the dynamics of the market. Affiliates searching for their next big opportunity will find a tempting offer when excellent conversion rates are combined with customized local content.

In this interview, Maxim Makovetskiy, the managing director of AFFTER, goes into further detail about the staff, traffic sources, and other topics.

Creating Interest in the Audience

It’s important to consider how to get attendees to your booth while attending a conference. You should advertise your presence and what you have to offer to draw people in. Here are several strategies to create anticipation:

  • Share a social media post with pertinent hashtags.
  • Put banners and pop-ups on your website.
  • Compose blog posts that are SEO-optimzed
  • Employ audience-relevant keywords in your PPC advertising.
  • Make sure the conference organizers feature you in their advertisements.

AFFTER made extensive use of these tactics in order to increase prior-conference exposure and engagement. Due to this, their booth attracted a sizable crowd, which culminated in extremely fruitful networking sessions and an enormously successful party during the event.

Stand out in the crowd

When networking for a long time, how can you make sure your booth isn’t simply another stop? by giving them unique and unforgettable experiences that they won’t find anywhere!

At least 100 individuals visited the AFFTER booth when football icon Gary Cahill was brought to the event floor by the company’s exclusive partner, Parimatch. Not only were there amazing gifts up for grabs, but participants also had the opportunity to win Chelsea game tickets, an exclusive training session by invitation only, and a much-wanted signing session with Gary Cahill.

View the pictures from the occasion below:

In addition to drawing large audiences, this brilliant marketing move cemented AFFTER’s standing as a company that offers exceptional, one-of-a-kind experiences—nothing like the traditional booth layout. Discover how AFFTER transformed a standard conference into a once-in-a-lifetime event with unique chances. To view the whole conference video summary, click this link.

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