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In our next interview AffPapa spoke with Bspin, in particular with its affiliate manager Jure Kvartuč, who talked about cryptocurrency, the company’s approach on reasonable gambling and the plans about new markets. 

Yeva: What exactly is, and what does it have to offer its users? is an online crypto casino that provides safe and transparent entertainment for its users by utilizing the power of cryptocurrencies.

Question: Innovative solutions such as cryptocurrency and AI have been slowly but surely entering the whole world, and the iGaming sector is no exception; why do you believe this is the case?

Cryptocurrencies and AI are groundbreaking technologies that will change everything from the car industry to entertainment. Cryptocurrencies proved anonymity, immutability, transparency and security through decentralization. AI enhances the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts. Each of those things improves the gambling and entertainment industries and that is why we see more and more use of AI and cryptocurrencies in the iGaming sector.

Yeva: What is the advantage of a bitcoin casino over a regular casino?

As mentioned above, cryptocurrencies proved anonymity, immutability, transparency and security through decentralization. This means that everyone in the world with a smartphone in their pocket can access a bitcoin casino.

Yeva: Does the volatility of the crypto market have a substantial impact on your operations or revenues?

Volatility has some impact on us but not a lot, let me explain. If Bitcoin is performing better more eyes are on it and in the end a bit more users for our site but we are here for the long run that is why we are not impacted much by short-term volatility. Also, for our users, we offer a Bitcoin Value Weekly Cashback promotion that they can check on our site.

Yeva: The whole industry is striving to provide a more ethical environment for the player. What is your approach to responsible gambling?

Entertainment is at the root of the player experience using the Bspin casino platform. We believe that gambling is one of the purest forms of entertainment when made transparent, safe and with the player in mind. Anonymity will allow our players to play from anywhere in the world but they have to innately comply with our rules of who is allowed to play. For instance, underage gambling will never be permitted. For players to build trust they need a trusted community, and community for Bspin is one of the leading ways of showing that we care about every player. Educating players about different games, the newest trends and the right security measures build a sustainable community that will thrive and builds more winners.

Yeva: Which are your strongest markets? Any plans to enter a specific market in the near future?

One of the benefits of cryptocurrencies is that we can have players from all over the world. We are utilizing that and our targeted market is citizens of the internet.

Yeva: What should affiliates expect when they join Bspin’s affiliate program?

Everyone who is dealing in business with Bspin can expect trust, loyalty and communication. Those three things are the most important when trying to make long-term business relations.

Yeva: Is there a difference between crypto-focused affiliates and regular affiliates?

The central difference between a regular affiliate program and a crypto one is in the form of payments. The system is decentralized and records transactions as well as issues units as required. A traditional middleman such as a bank or payment processor does not need to be part of the equation, enabling global transfer 24/7, often with low fees.

Yeva: What would you say is the most rewarding and challenging aspect of working with an affiliate?

The most challenging aspect is communication due to the language barrier. For the majority of people, English is not their main language. That is why we need more patience and understanding while communicating and in the end, if everything goes well for both sides that is the most rewarding aspect.

Yeva: Jure, we talked about all things iGaming. Now I think it’s time to get to know you more – what do you like to do outside of work? What are your passions in life?

This is a nice change of pace. My passion is poker and sports. I like competing using my mind and also my body. I like to challenge myself versus smarter people in poker and versus more fit people in sports. That is the only way you grow as a competitor and as a person.

Company: Bspin
Interviewee: Jure Kvartuč
Date: 04.08.2022

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