Bulletproof Games to start incorporating Yggdrasil’s GATI technology

Bulletproof Games to start incorporating Yggdrasil’s GATI technology

Bulletproof Games to start incorporating Yggdrasil’s GATI technology

Yggdrasil Gaming has yet again reinforced its YG Masters programme as it has announced its new deal with its studio parter Bulletproof Games. The developer will now have the ability to develop and distribute exclusive content through the use of Yggdrasil’s revolutionary GATI technology, since it is a YG Masters initiate.

Moreover, Bulletproof Games will be making good use of Yggdrasil’s GigaBlox and MultiMax mechanics by integrating them into the process of its game creation. This new deal is extremely thrilling and important to the industry as the combination of Bulletproof Games’ incredibly one-of-a-kind style with Yggdrasil’s cutting edge game mechanics sounds particularly remarkable.

The YG Masters studios have full access to GATI and the larger Yggdrasil network of its partners in many different jurisdictions around the world, allowing partners access to the market immediately for quick growth.

Bulletproof Games was initially founded in 2015, and up until now, it has created quite a majestic slots portfolio for itself that contain games such as Blackbeard, Dragon Lore, The Black Lotus, Tiki Runner, Diamond Symphony and many more… Every single one of these games has brought something new to the table, making them particularly attractive.

Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrasil head of partner programmes, stated: 

Bulletproof Games is a fantastic studio which is operated by a team with immense industry experience. With an already impressive portfolio of games, the supplier will be able to take their game development to the next level by joining YG Masters and signing up for access to our proven mechanics. We look forward to introducing the first titles developed through our collaboration to our operator partners and their players.

Chief product officer of Bulletproof Games Mike Bullock also commented on the news by saying:

At Bulletproof Games, we believe in creating a deeply captivating and entertaining experience, and we want to bring our creative passion to players by offering them exciting new content. By becoming a YG Masters partner, we will be able to utilise Yggdrasil’s proven technology, mechanics and vast operator network to introduce unique content and rapidly grow our business.

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