Canada approves single-event gambling

Canada approves single-event gambling

Canada approves single-event gambling

Canada has announced its approval for projects to allow single-event gambling in the territory. The approval of single-event gambling will mean that for the first time, residents of the country will have the ability to wager on individual games.

Canada had not allowed single-event betting for a really long time, despite the fact that it allowed for different forms of sports betting and gambling. Until recently, the country’s authorities did not approve of individual event wagering.

The idea of single-game betting never amassed much popularity in the country, but with the COVID-19 pandemic and the destruction it brought along, the government started to take note of some changes that needed to happen in the gambling sector. Since many sources of income and revenue for all countries in the world have been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, Canada ultimately saw a great potential in the introduction of single-event gambling.

Members of the Canadian parliament have approved the Bill C-128 as of late. This bill incorporates the process of single-event gambling as well as taking into account the nature of betting on single-event games. The bill was initially brought about by MP Kevin Waugh, and he soon started to get other MPs on his side, and even managed to bring in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Operators in the country will now have to begin drawing out plans concerning market control. They are sure that this bill is absolutely crucial to the security of the local players in different provinces. This also presents a wonderful opportunity for affiliates in the country as it opens up so many new doors for them.

John Levy, CEO of Score Media and Gaming, stated: 

Single-event sports betting will facilitate the introduction by provinces and territories of a much-needed modernized sports betting framework in their respective jurisdictions that can include important consumer protections.

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