Casino Guru and Mindway AI announce partnership

Casino Guru and Mindway AI announce partnership

Casino Guru and Mindway AI announce partnership

In celebration of Problem Gambling Awareness Month, which takes place every March, Casino Guru and Mindway AI have once again joined forces to introduce a unique campaign for visitors to the Casino Guru website. The campaign is designed to evaluate the level of risk in their gaming habits.

Throughout the remainder of the month, Casino Guru will feature a unique widget and a dedicated casino card on their website. These tools will encourage visitors to participate in a straightforward card game that will evaluate their gambling habits. Utilizing Mindway AI’s prize-winning technology, Gamalyze will generate an in-depth analysis of each player’s conduct in the game, providing a customized report with tailored recommendations.

This campaign is a product of the ongoing collaboration between Casino Guru and Mindway AI, which aims to promote responsible play and reduce the prevalence of problem gambling. For the expansion of the advertisement’s scope, Casino Guru utilized its newsletter which aimed to increase the accessibility of the self-assessment instrument.

In 2022, the Casino Guru and Mindway AI partnership implemented a comparable campaign during the European Safer Gambling Week, which attracted over 1,500 users wishing to evaluate their gambling habits. For this once, the two companies made their collaboration a step further by signing a comradeship deal aimed at enhancing accessibility to trustworthy tools, increasing consciousness, and encouraging player interest in this critical subject.

Šimon Vincze, Casino Guru’s Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead showed delight to have a collaboration with Midway AI:

“I’m thrilled for our ability to transform this concept into a reality. It’s challenging to promote responsible online casinos to visiting users for entertainment purposes. Fortunately, Gamalyze combines aspects of gambling and gamification, and due to the intrinsical curiosity of human beings, it creates an extremely beneficial user security tool.”

In response, Rasmus Kjaergaard, the CEO of Midway AI mentioned in his speech that he considers their partnership a success.

“Secure gambling needs to become a priority for all users, not solely for those who are deemed defenseless or fragile. Tools like Gamalyze play a pivotal role in making these discussions commonplace and showcasing our dedication to supporting operators in strengthening player security.”

This collaborative project has the purpose to target as many visitors as possible and encourage them to adopt a more conscious approach to casinos. By raising awareness of their gambling habits and identifying any tendencies towards problem gambling that could lead to issues down the line, both companies are working towards a safer and more reliable online gaming industry.

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