Casino Guru launches new Awards program

Casino Guru launches new Awards program

Casino Guru launches new Awards program

Casino Guru is releasing its latest awards initiative dedicated to recognizing industry attainments.

Casino Guru’s latest awards project is an initiative aimed at celebrating innovations and achievements in the industry and demonstrates the organization’s ambitions to contribute significantly to responsible gaming.

Over the years Casino Guru has expanded its operations to make significant changes to the industry to make it safer and more responsible. The launch of their latest project is another step towards the fulfillment of their long-term strategies.

Companies can participate in the awards by nominating themselves, the deadline for which is the end of November. Casino Guru is going to be adding each participant to their list in a way that is transparent and fair. Additionally, they will also focus a lot on the quality, making sure to nominate and award only the best organizations.

casino guru websiteThe finalized list of attendees will be announced in December and the official event will be taking place in February on the internet. All of the decisions will be made by 15 carefully selected judges.

The judges will be selected from a list of high profile people from a number of large, established names in the industry such as Betsson, Kindred and Gordon Moody. Additionally, there will also be five professionals from Casino Guru, making up for 20 judges in total.

Casino Guru Awards will feature a number of categories for the prizes, all of which will be focusing on different achievements.

casino guru awards 2023Firstly, “The Fairest Bonus Policy” is pretty self explanatory, as it focuses on and assesses companies with the best bonus policies. It takes into account a number of different things, such as how the firm will react in case of an accidental rule breach.

Up next is “The Most Impactful Social Responsibility Initiative”. This category will mainly focus on businesses who value safe and responsible gambling highly and take extensive action to protect their user base from problem gambling.

The Fairest General Terms and Conditions” is another one which assesses what is written on the tin. It ensures that there are no hidden or predatory terms that are designed to harm customers, in addition to assessing casinos which have the best protections for their players.

The next one is “The Best Implementation of Responsible Gambling Tools”, which focuses on operators who have integrated high quality and, most importantly, reliable tools to help players with gambling problems prohibit themselves from playing.

The Most Transparent Casino” is one of the most self-explanatory ones, as it measures how open a casino is with their users. Moreover, it also takes into account transparency about a number of general, non-gambling related things, such as data collection.

The Voice of the People” is one of the more unique ones, as it is a category that is going to be decided by voting.

Lastly, “The Most Effective Handling of Complaints” is an area where Casino Guru thinks the most improvements can be made. It will assess how consumer-friendly a company is and how convenient their complaints processing is.

Our awards program is a big part of our next step of ensuring that our industry, and gambling in general, is more responsible, fairer and safer for everyone. We carefully chose the categories to focus on areas that can make or break a player’s experience. Our commitment to our mission is strong and we are honored to have the ability to work on it. We are looking forward to our first awards event, and are excited to find out which companies are the most responsible.

commented the head of public and external relations at Casino Guru, Daniela Kianicova.

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