Condor Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Condor Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Condor Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Jane Nestorovic, the affiliate manager of Condor Affiliates, recently spoke with AffPapa about the new brand addition, their unique business approach, and what she believes are the most important factors in creating lucrative connections with affiliates.

Yeva: To start off, could you give us a brief overview of Condor Affiliates and its background?

Condor Gaming Group is a robust global operator that owns and manages seven casinos and sports brands. All of our brands are represented and operate in multiple regulated markets. We are proud to be trusted by 1700+ Affiliates. At Condor, we strive to fly above the crowd. We continuously pursue to deliver an exceptional customer experience together with superior customer lifetime value. 

Yeva: Why choose Condor Affiliates? What sets it apart from other casino affiliate programs?

jane nestorovic condor affiliatesCondor Gaming Group offers an unparalleled in-house built affiliate program to all our partners that is very easy to understand and transparent. There are no hidden fees or deductions. With a Condor Affiliate Partnership, the main focus is geared toward profit velocity and not just margins, one that will deliver a solid return on ROIs, the ability to work across multiple jurisdictions, top-player programs, high converting rates, real-time data reporting on each brand, along with all the necessary marketing tools to dial in profitability right out of the gate. Our amazing Affiliate Team goes the extra mile to ensure that we work as one and that all of our affiliates get the most out of the partnership. And service by amazing aff team; they will help you get most out of the partnership we are doing it together.

Yeva: Condor Gaming Group recently announced the launch of Gambeta10, a new brand aimed towards Brazilian players. How do you choose the brands that you feature on your website?

Condor Gaming Group incorporates and implements a multi-tiered growth strategy prior to any brand inception. Extensive research is conducted in global emerging markets that promise a pre-eminent multitude of opportunities for the future of our company. At Condor Gaming Group, we actively focus on players’ needs and preferences, their demographic age, along with Geo’s trends and demand of the targeted market that we have identified and set our sights on. An additional two signature brands where one promises to be out-of-this-world and the other one with a beaver on its tail will be launched towards the last quarter of this financial year with some surprising choices for traffic and licences. More to come by q4 we will be on 9 brands also with some surprising choices for traffic and licenses.

Yeva: What quality do you value the most in your potential affiliate partners? What are the main red flags?

Trust and honesty. Without honesty there’s no trust and no healthy relationship can thrive.  

Condor Gaming Group supports their employees and invests heavily in providing them with extensive training that necessitates their respective roles within the company. Our staff are professional and in the case of our Affiliate Department, they are adept in keeping track and monitor traffic, spot on fraudulent activities or any form of abuse on any of our campaigns across all our brands.  

Yeva: You’ve chosen the person-to-person business model, giving every one of your affiliate partners their own affiliate manager from the very start. How do you believe this benefits your relationship with your partners?

‘Keeping together is progress, working together is success’

Condor Gaming Group’s strategy and main focus is all about delivering superior value to our customers. This client-centric approach has been the key in establishing a positive, personal rapport, and long-lasting successful partnerships with all our partners. By implementing the person-to-person business model, both new and existing affiliates are guaranteed with a perfect fit that’s tailor-made to maximize their ROI.

Yeva: Every company’s team is key to the company’s development and growth. Tell us a little bit about the Condor Affiliates team.

Condor boasts to have a group of knowledgeable, diverse, and proactive individuals who work together and tirelessly one-on-one with their assigned Affiliate partners.  We like to say that we have doers who walk to talk and are very goal driven to ensure that all their clients benefit from optimized and high converting results.

Yeva: Condor Gaming first entered the iGaming market in 2012. After being in iGaming for ten years, would you say the industry has become more saturated in any way, or do you believe there is always room for more?

As emerging economies continue to develop and boom, the igaming sector presents huge prospects for interested parties in this fast-paced industry. For Condor, competition is good, it helps us to strive and try to be head and shoulders above the crowd. We continuously challenge ourselves to create brands that stand alone, so we create and incorporate exceptional in-house cutting-edge gamification and software solutions that cover all aspects of operation in all our brands.

Yeva: What measures do you take to promote responsible and ethical gaming?

affpapa enters into a new partnership with condor affiliates
AffPapa enters into a new partnership with Condor Affiliates

Condor Gaming Group is committed to providing all of our valued members with a gaming experience that is fun as well as safe. Our Customer Support team has extensive knowledge and is trained to pick up on a player’s spiraling gambling habits. We offer assistance and guidance to all across our brands, where players can fill out a Self-Exclusion form that will temporarily restrict their account. On our Responsible Page, players have additional resources at their disposal to help with their gambling issues along with a list of professional agencies to contact.


Yeva: Jane, as an affiliate manager, what do you believe is the most crucial factor in establishing a successful and long-term connection with affiliates?

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Unmatched Revenue Shares
  • Support
  • Tools

At Condor Gaming Group we believe that a great partnership is the essence of a real business!

Yeva: Lastly, tell us about yourself outside of work. What do you do in your spare time once you shut down your laptop?

My first love is Zumba, so in my spare time, I try to fuel my fitness as much as possible. My entire life I have been guided by this Latin saying ,,Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” which translates to ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body.’  So, spending time exercising in Latin American dance music gives me that extra boost and positive energy. My second love is psychology, especially through its connection with neuroscience, philosophy, and religion, hence, I am a huge fan of Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris and their approach to the modern analysis of systems of belief and the meaning of life.

Company: Condor Affiliates
Interviewee: Jane Nestorovic
Date: 26.07.2022

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