DoBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

DoBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

DoBet – iGaming Voice by Yeva

This week AffPapa spoke with Maurizio Ruffa, the Affiliate Manager at DoBet, who shared his insights on the challenges of attracting and retaining players, how to stand out in the diverse iGaming market, and the importance of player safety in online casinos.

Yeva: It’s a tough task to stand out in the diverse casino world. What sets DoBet apart from the rest?

Hi, yes you are totally right: it’s tough to stand out, but we love challenges! Dobet was created to be the ultimate point of choice when it comes to offering slots and live games: precisely to stand out from the rest, in our casino you will find all the best bar slots, with a strong focus on offering only the most reliable providers.

In addition to the gaming offers, Dobet places great emphasis on customer service: our players are not just numbers, but rather an important part of a larger family.

Yeva: You strongly emphasise the importance of player safety on your website. What steps do you take to ensure responsible gambling?

As I have already said, the safety of our players comes first: we are in constant contact with the Italian authority (ADM) to implement only those games that comply with all current regulations.

Beyond that, the player has an obligation to decide on a weekly budget: we always remember that playing on Dobet should be fun and you should never use money that you cannot afford to lose.

Yeva: We can see on DoBet website that the casino offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to attract players. What additional strategies do you apply to keep players engaged?

Bonuses for us are crucial: in addition to the classic welcome bonuses (both sports and casino), we offer a 5 euro sign-up bonus and numerous free spins for top affiliates.

Each week we offer different promotions, sometimes related to seasonality (as now in the case of Christmas), sometimes related to the launch of specific games. Our players have nothing to be bored about!

Yeva: Attracting players is one thing, but keeping them coming back may be challenging at times. What are some of your player retention strategies?

We use a lot of email follow up, in order to constantly communicate with our players. We have an Instagram channel structured about sport news and we are working on new in-game achievements & daily rewards.

Yeva: What would you recommend to new affiliate managers? What steps should they take to make the most out of their cooperation with affiliates?

Based on my experience, in order to make the most out of their cooperation with affiliates, I would recommend to always follow these 3 rules:

• Communicate effectively. This can help you build strong, lasting relationships and ensure that everyone is on the same page;
• Encourage feedback. Asking for and acting on affiliates’ feedback can help you improve your affiliate program and make it more attractive to potential affiliates;
• Provide timely payments. It may sound easy but paying affiliates on time is crucial to building trust and maintaining good relationships. Make sure to have a clear payment schedule in place and stick to it.

Yeva: What makes a proper casino affiliate management? As an affiliate manager, what steps do you take to attract new affiliates and to guide existing partners?

I don’t think you need to do tricks and magics, I generally follow some easy steps, both to attract and guide existing partners:

• Offering a competitive commission structure: affiliates are more likely to join and promote an affiliate program if it offers a competitive commission structure;
• Providing a range of marketing materials: giving affiliates access to a variety of marketing materials, such as banners, text links, and email templates, can help them effectively promote your online casino;
• Having clear guidelines and policies: clear guidelines and policies can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and can help prevent misunderstandings;
• Monitoring performance: keeping track of performance can help you identify areas for improvement and offer support where needed;
• Staying up-to-date on industry developments: staying informed about the latest trends and developments in the online gambling industry can help you stay ahead of the curve and make better decisions for your affiliate program.

Yeva: What does the future hold for DoBet? What are your main goals for 2023 you’d like to share with us?

2023 is looking to be a very exciting year. As a casino we will integrate all the major national lotteries and, to provide a better gaming experience, we are working to change the betting platform.

Our goals are to improve 2022 results, but also to go more to meet the needs of players, for example by integrating exclusive live games that our partners love so much. Also on bonuses we are working on something unique related to free spins…so, keep an eye open on Dobet!

Yeva: To recap, we’d like to know more about you in person, Maurizio. What are your interests outside of work?

I consider myself a simple person who loves his job and constantly tries to improve. I like good food, my hometown’s sea, and the atmosphere of a football stadium full of fans. Between work and family commitments, I am always trying to explore new cities and learn about new cultures.

Company: DoBet
Interviewee: Maurizio Ruffa
Date: 17.01.2023

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