DraftKings to Join American Gaming Association’s ‘Have a Game Plan’ Project

DraftKings to Join American Gaming Association’s ‘Have a Game Plan’ Project

Posted by: AffPapa

DraftKings is now the most recent group that has decided to join AGA’s advocacy for ‘Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly’ movement

The firm promises to further the gambit across all of its sportsbooks and channels around the States.

“We are thrilled to team up with the AGA in promoting this innovative project. The uppermost priority that we have is our players’ safety, and we are sure that cooperating with AGA’s latest campaign on top of betting responsibility and safety tools of our own, will further boost the notion of safer gaming practices.”

Comments DraftKings’ senior Christine Thurmond.

Via ‘Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly’ the group will be taking up the objective of educating its customers on the topic of roots of responsible betting practices, as well as raising awareness of problematic gambling.

DraftKings will run an advertising campaign throughout all of its properties both in digital and physical shapes (signage, posters, etc.), further helping the promotion and awareness of problematic gambling issues.

Casey Clark, AGA’s senior VP claims:

“Responsibility is an underlying precedence for AGA. With an over-increasing number of Americans that can legally partake in betting (over 100 million), we find it our fundamental responsibility to ensure their safety and knowledge about safe betting practices, and we believe this partnership with DraftKings will help us in our mission. We are grateful for DraftKings’ commitment to this project.”

With DraftKings teaming up with the AGA, ‘Have a Game Plan’ campaign (released in 2019) has enlarged its number of partners which feature FanDuel, NASCAR, PGA TOUR, UFC and more.

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