Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

This week AffPapa spoke with Dimitri Sialitski, the Head of Affiliates at Enchant Affiliates, who shared his insights on the challenges of starting an iGaming affiliate company and the most important aspects of a successful affiliate-operator relationship.

Yeva: When we stumble upon a successful affiliate program, the first question that arises is how it all started? What were the early challenges you had to cope with Enchant Affiliates?

The history of Enchant Affiliates is continued success holding companies which work on gambling market for many years. From the beginning the company took the right approach to work and held successful hunting for experienced staff. Indeed, this period hasn’t been without difficulties. I would single out the package solution for the retention department and short time frame product launches in front of their stated presentation at one of the conferences.

Yeva: You’ve mentioned that your core principle is to keep players in game? How do you manage to accomplish that goal? How does Enchant Affiliates work to retain players sent by affiliates?

AffPapa and Enchant Affiliates announce partnership

And like I said at the start of the projects we used the package solution for the technical service. It didn’t allow implement own approaches and creatives fully when it cames to working with players. After half a year we managed to create our own in-house department with more than 23 employees. Now they are engaged in player support and work with potential players who signed up but did not deposit yet. Today we pay maximum attention to players. A specific number of repeat deposits for one of the players – 2427 and he is still active as an example. Other players, even though, aren’t far behind him. I think such achievements for 1,5 years speak volumes.

Yeva: Kakadu won the “Players’ Choice” award in the AskGamblers Awards. What sets the casino apart? What is it that attracts players to choose Kakadu?

Kakadu Casino is our flagship product which presents incredible results. Brand looks good, unique, the players get fast payments, everything is adapted to mobile devices. It is hard to miss a casino like this. I would have to play here myself with pleasure.

Yeva: You state about the other side of Enchant Affiliates on your website. This part piques curiosity so could you tell us a little more about your team and culture?

Enchant Affiliates consist of creative people with exclusive ideas which are realized surprisingly quite often. Our stand was decorated in the style of Rock Star at one of the conferences. After we released exclusive branding production from which all our partners were excited. But time passes, trends change and we are not far behind them. We always try to stand out among others.

Yeva: What is your strategy for keeping up with iGaming industry trends? How do you remain current with industry advancement?

We are well aware that the market is unstable. That’s why we try to build relationships not only with providers, software manufacturers but also with colleagues from other brands. You never know where can this or that inside from.

At the same time we actively test new ideas, markets, traffic sources and we research analytical market work. Overall, we always manage to keep up with all innovations in our field.

Yeva: Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most, if not the most, common method of promoting an online casino. Why would you say that’s the case?

Yes, I totally agree with this approval. Affiliate marketing exists at all business verticals and it is the fastest way of promoting products. And as regards promoting online casinos I find it hard to even imagine another scheme promoting and ad. Without good affiliate marketing it is impossible to build a successful business.

Yeva: What skills and traits do you think are most important to become an effective affiliate manager?

You need to love your profession to start. If you love what you do then analytic and professional qualities are developing on their own. Manager with pleasure and excitement analyzes the market and works on all factors which impact on conversion and personal indicators. In addition, you must have good communication skills because the main thing in our profession is communication. The last quality, in my opinion, is pedantry or skill to systematize the work and avoid chaotic planning.

Yeva: Let us now discuss the relationship between an affiliate and an operator. Was there anything that surprised you when you initially started as an affiliate manager? What are the most crucial aspects for a strong operator-affiliate relationship now?

Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Reviews by AffPapa

The only thing that I was pleasantly surprised by starting work at affiliate marketing is high results which you can achieve in a short time. One of my successful cases is the launch partner after 5 minutes of communication and the first result through 3 hours after product placement with an amount of 37 000 NGR.

Yeva: As we begin the new year, do you have any plans for 2023 that you’d want to share with our AffPapa readers?

For 2023, we are planning more new things. For example, opening bets for our brand Arlekin Casino, entering new markets and obtaining the Kanawake license, setting up the new brand in collaboration with the Soft2Bet platform, participating in numerous conferences and introducing new analytical instruments for the needs of most qualitative understanding for individual player segments.

Yeva: Tell us how you started in the iGaming industry, Dmitri. What would you be doing if you hadn’t chosen this route?

My way to join the iGaming industry was really unexpected. I should have dealt with international logistics in one of the transport company but thanks to casual acquaintances it happened otherwise. I was in a well-known company, Softswiss, where I passed all stages from B2C to B2B. After that I continued my way in the iGaming industry. Then, in the end, I became part of my love Enchant Affiliates.

Company: Enchant Affiliates
Interviewee: Dimitri Sialitski
Date: 23.01.2023

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