Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

Enchant Affiliates – iGaming Voice by Yeva

In a recent interview with AffPapa, Enchant Affiliates COO Marina Kirik discussed the company’s upcoming entry into the crypto industry, the launch of an iGaming podcast, and gave us an inside look at the Enchant team.

Yeva: How has Enchant Affiliates grown its market share while being a newcomer to the industry? What do you believe sets you apart from the rest?

In the management of casino products, Enchant Affiliates are really kind of beginners, but with an incredible background, which many who are just entering the sphere lack. Speaking generally about the team, our expertise in affiliate marketing as a whole averages 5-10 years. During the existence of other projects, we have developed exclusive creative pairs on the main sources and unique approaches to working with partners, by which we can be distinguished and thanks to which partners stay with us for many years. Enchant Affiliates builds relationships not for the sake of momentary earnings, but for joint growth and development with partners.

Continuous market analysis and competitor research is an important part of the work, but we focus on adapting products to different localizations and testing potentially profitable markets. Our team writes and integrates its own technical solutions, creates tools useful for webmasters, works out the conversion funnel of the player and ways to retain him to increase LTV using internal and external resources. Most recently, our Kakadu Casino product received second place in the “Players’ Choice” nomination at the AskGamblers Awards. I think that says a lot.

Yeva: What are your current top GEOs? Do you have any plans to expand into a new market in the near future? Which one, if any, is it?

We have three main brands at our disposal – Kakadu Casino (MGA), Arlekin Casino (Curacao), Abo Casino (Curacao). The countries of Europe remain to be the largest part of our work at the moment. If we talk about the MGA license — Germany, Austria, Switzerland. If we consider Curacao – everyone’s favorite Canada and New Zealand.

Having both MGA and Curacao licenses at the same time allows us to literally cover the whole world, which is what we are progressively doing. For example, there is a plan to enter the markets of Brazil and Asia in the near future. In addition, we plan to enter the crypto industry with a powerful product. The future is not for a specific geo, but for the possibilities of unhindered work with any of the countries.

Yeva: You just announced that the cumulative winnings of your three brands have reached €178 million. How do you choose which brands to partner with? What are some of the red flags?

Our doors are open to all partners. Anyone without exception can offer their resources for our brands. Nevertheless, our managers are always on guard and can request partner statistics from other brands as a confirmation of the trust or, for example, describe the launch features if it is PPC or FB apps. We have enough expertise in each of the sources to make a conclusion about how well the team approaches its business. At the same time, we do not work with those who have previously been seen in any kind of fraud or scandals. For example, such as scam, spam, violation of user security conditions, deliberate substitution of expensive traffic with other types of low-quality traffic. There are also lists of dishonest webmasters among the community of operators. Therefore, if you are an honest, ambitious team, write to us 🙂

Yeva: How do you ensure that the brands with which you engage are committed to responsible gambling?

As a rule, such questions are relevant only for new partners. Webmasters who have been working on the market for more than a year know perfectly well and comply with all the requirements of a responsible approach to gambling. As for the new partners, we discuss with them all the requirements that new players must meet. Also on the side of our products there are mechanisms that, for example, limit the possibility of making deposits by minors. If a webmaster attracts SEO traffic, then we always make sure that there is a warning and a link to support players on his site.

Yeva: Have you ever had a bad encounter with an affiliate? How do you deal with such cases? 

Yes, of course, negative situations always take place. It is difficult to describe something truly large-scale, but we can give an example of the human factor. Imagine a situation when a manager gave someone else’s link. A couple of weeks later, a webmaster contacted us, reasonably confirming that his traffic does not reach our system. The situation is unpleasant, the partner is new, but promising. By mutual agreement, we calculated the potential traffic volume and paid compensation to the partner. The partner whose link was being used by someone else’s traffic was also paid in full. So the negative situation ended positively.

Yeva: You recently launched the first episode of the Enchant Affiliates podcast. Talk us through that a little – what should users expect?

We want our partners to get the best of everything. This also applies to the content that we produce. Our podcasts are focused more on those who already have enough experience in gambling. We try to fit in 30 minutes information that is difficult to find in the public domain. In the next few releases we will also try experimenting with formats. Among our guests will be representatives of the most important gambling companies and opinion leaders. It will definitely not be boring.

Yeva: What goes on behind the scenes at Enchant Affiliates. Tell us about the team!

You will be surprised, but we have a fairly small team. We are constantly in the process of growing and finding cool specialists, but at the same time we carefully treat the selection of employees. People are the foundation and the main value of any company. All the guys in the team are on the same wavelength — young, ideological, full of ambition and burning with what they are doing. Affiliate managers approach each of the partners with a soul, the guys from the retention department write letters to the players as if this is their first love. There are professionals who have already come to us with a great background, there are those for whom these are the first steps in gambling. Everyone brings a piece of something new and special to the team, and the company gives opportunities for growth and a sense of being in the right place. We experience all the cool and all the most terrible moments together, strive for more and never stop. This is the team with which it is not scary to take on any project, and if it is scary, then we will do it anyway.

Yeva: How do you balance productivity and fun with your co-workers?

We all know where we are going today or in six months, so there is no such question inside — all the guys clearly understand their areas of responsibility, they always want to grow and achieve new results. Of course, we love to have fun, we were lucky to assemble such a team that does not have to be bored with each other — our corporate parties alone are worth something. These are the most reckless guys, but so passionate about their work that priorities always remain in the right percentage.

Yeva: Your website was also modified recently. How important do you believe the website’s appearance is in terms of increasing credibility?

Absolutely right! The website is the face of the company, which the partners remember. We were proud of our past site, but it’s time to move on. During the existence of Enchant Affiliates, we managed to form our own style. Our characters are bright, colorful and positive. Each of them has its own history and character. We tried to settle them all on one island. The Enchant Affiliates team is bold, brazen, professional. We managed to preserve this contrast of styles. Look at the main page and the About Us section and you will understand everything right away.

Yeva: Tell us a little about yourself, Marina. How did you get into iGaming?

My journey began in 2017, when I joined a company that was engaged in e-commerce. During the two weeks I spent there, I came to a clear understanding that the working pace does not converge with my inner one. Then it was decided to change the vector to one of the fastest growing industries at that time — iGaming. Soon I became a part of a partner network that unites operators around the world with trusted webmasters. From an ordinary manager, I went through an eventful and impressive path to C-level, gradually learning the subtleties and features of casino brands, the capabilities of various platform providers, the mechanics of attracting and retaining players. A separate pleasure was the creation of a team and its management. Now, based on the invaluable experience gained over five years in the industry, I apply my knowledge in Enchant Affiliates projects, making our products the most flexible and adaptive for both players and partners, and my favorite team helps to move only forward.

Yeva: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I can say with confidence that I cannot clearly distinguish for myself the category “outside of work” — it is a part of life. I am trying to integrate absolutely everything that comes into my field of vision during non-working hours into my work processes. Probably, I would call the creation process my main hobby. I like to pave the way to something large-scale and real, so in everything — both in projects and outside of them.

The internal system administrator periodically reminds that “updates will be available only after a reboot.” When work flows non-stop, you begin to realize the need for work-life balance. In order to always be full of ideas and strength, you need to be able to shift focus in time and stop your endless stream of thoughts. Boxing helps me a lot in this. Like any sport, it lays the foundation for the thirst for achievements not only in the ring, but also in any activity, helps to focus even in the most stressful situations and not give up.

Creativity is a separate world. I can spend hours behind a canvas, inside abstract shapes and incongruous colors — this allows me to think outside the box and gives me the opportunity to look at routine situations from many different angles. In everything I do, there is always passion and purpose — this is the basis of any project, whether it’s a morning coffee or a business process. 

Company: Enchant Affiliates
Interviewee: Marina Kirik
Date: 30.06.2021

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