Evolution of Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

Evolution of Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

Evolution of Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit has grown to be a well-known annual event that brings together executives and experts from the gaming and technology industries.

The Prague Gaming Summit was founded in 2017 as a follow-up to the Budapest-hosted CEE Gaming Conference. Its principal aim was to offer a platform for professionals in the business to deliberate about the sector’s future prospects. Its dedication to promoting conversation made it an immediately well-known business event.

The TECH Conference Europe was added to the summit in 2019 by HIPTHER due to the growing convergence of gaming and other technical industries. Bringing together professionals from various IT domains such as blockchain, finance, virtual reality, AI, and cybersecurity was the aim of this expansion. The purpose of the conference site in Prague was to  connect the gaming industry and more significant technological advancements.

The summit has developed into a comprehensive conference that offers insights into the latest developments and trends in the gaming and technology industries. It is still a crucial forum for business executives to collaborate and decide how gaming and technology will develop in the future.

Formed in 2023 by the merger of the Prague Gaming Summit and TECH Conference Europe, attendance at the summit increased significantly and drew people from a variety of businesses. The merger provided a larger forum for networking and conversation while also reflecting the increasing convergence of gaming, technology, and other industries.

With an eye on 2024, the gathering has transformed into a single, cohesive summit that combines the greatest aspects of both worlds. More industry experts are anticipated to attend, offering them excellent chances for education, networking, and company growth.

With a wide range of speakers, many workshops, networking opportunities, an awards ceremony, and an exhibition area, the 2024 conference provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the tech and gaming sectors. Executives from top gaming and IT organizations will speak to attendees at the Prague Gaming & IT Summit. The range of expertise exhibited by these presenters highlights the summit’s role as a hub for discussion and innovation. Click here to view the complete list of guests and more information on what to expect.

The summit is still dedicated to encouraging creativity and discussion in the fields of gaming and technology. It is an important event for staying up to date on technical breakthroughs because it not only represents the current condition of these sectors but also predicts future trends.

To register and open the door to countless opportunities at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, click this link.

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