Five arrested in Sweden as match-fixing investigation continues

Five arrested in Sweden as match-fixing investigation continues

Posted by: AffPapa

Five individuals have been arrested by the local police in the Swedish capital of Stockholm related to an investigation into tennis match-fixing. The National Operations Department (NOA) took part in these arrests on the 14th of April after its anti-corruption group progressed with their investigation into the match-fixing events.

This match-fixing has allegedly involved significant amounts of money, but the exact amount was not disclosed. The country’s police force had previously described match-fixing as being harmful and threatening to all sports.

Stefan Erkensjö from the NOA’s anti-corruption group said:

“We can see that all sports risk being affected by match-fixing, and we work intensively against this through, among other things, preventive efforts and collaboration at several different levels to access the problem.”

The arrests of these five people come after the International Tennis Integrity Agency recently set stern measures onto tennis and match-fixing, clamping down on integrity problems within the sport, and working on putting an end to match-fixing offenses. The IBIA is also the body who provides such alerts to other authorities.

Towards the start of this week, the ITIA gave Franco Feitt, the Argentinian player, a lifetime ban due to him admitting to nine counts of match-fixing. The ITIA also gave Barbora Palcatova, from Slovakia, a ban lasting for three years starting earlier this month when she was found guilty of match-fixing as well. So far this year, the ITIA has banned ten people.

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