GambleAware initiates a research on minority groups

GambleAware initiates a research on minority groups

GambleAware initiates a research on minority groups

GambleAware has approved a £300,000 grant to an academic collaboration to investigate the “life experiences of minority populations surrounding gambling dangers.”

In cooperation with ClearView Research, Ipsos MORI and the University of Manchester will head a consortium that won a proposal to carry on GambleAware’s a-year-and-a-half research project, the scope of which has been highlighted as a critical RET direction of the organization.

The partnership will investigate minor populations’ lived experiences with gambling problems in the following months, covering access to advice and information, support, and treatment options. Furthermore, the study will look into the factors that contribute to gambling harm in these communities and how treatment services may well be tailored to their specific needs in order to reduce gaming harms.

Dr. Jay St.John Levy, GambleAware’s Research Lead, stated:

“The experiences of minority communities around gambling are currently under-researched in the United Kingdom, despite data suggesting that these groups are more likely to suffer damage from gambling and less prone to obtain gambling treatment services when compared to white communities.”

Despite the consortium’s final research report to be published in 2023, GambleAware claimed that in order to assist the charity plan in its “broader five-year strategy that aspires to build a society free from gambling harms for all communities,” preliminary reports will be accessible sooner.

Dr. Jay St.John Levy, went on to add:

“We are delighted to give this funding to these two consortia, who bring significant experience focusing on people’s diverse lived realities.This will aid in the investigation of why certain populations bear a disproportionate burden of harm and how to remove the barriers that prevent them from obtaining treatment. These findings will assist GambleAware and others acquire a wide range of treatment and support programs for minority ethnic, linguistic, and religious populations. As a result, it is a significant step in reducing the current disparities in gambling harms.”


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