GambleAware launches new campaign concerning women and problem gambling

GambleAware launches new campaign concerning women and problem gambling

Posted by: AffPapa

The latest campaign launched by independent charity GambleAware is called the ‘There, but not There’ campaign, and is a nationwide campaign that is geared towards women between the ages of 18 and 54. It is hoping to shed light on problem gambling within women and offering treatment methods and ways of support to those affected.

GambleAware launched a new strategy for this year titled ‘National Gambling Treatment Services’, and this specific campaign is a part of this strategy. It is based off of research conducted by YouGov saying that ‘10% of women in Great Britain experience some level of gambling harm’.

It is much more likely for women to have issues and go through problems caused by gambling from those close to them, and the research has proved that 8% of women have been affected by others’ gambling problems and problematic behaviour.

This campaign runs across different formats including radio, digital media and print and will be available up until March of 2021. It is hoping to guide women affected by problem gambling into seeking help at the National Gambling Treatment Services.

In this campaign, the charity will be showcasing the detrimental effect that gambling causes and is hoping to send the message across of just how commonly gambling impacts a woman’s daily life, leading them to distance themselves from their loved ones.

Communications and Engagement Director at GambleAware, Zoë Osmond, said in a comment:

Following the success of the previous campaign, we are continuing with our targeted approach to make sure women are not overlooked in the drive to raise awareness of gambling treatment and support. These findings highlight an increase in women suffering from gambling harm, and we hope this campaign will help to signpost those experiencing harms to the help that is available.

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