Gamblers Connect 3.0 – A Rebranding For The Future

Gamblers Connect 3.0 – A Rebranding For The Future

Gamblers Connect 3.0 – A Rebranding For The Future

Meet Gamblers Connect 3.0 – a new and improved version of the leading iGaming affiliate website that comes with a new logo and a plethora of new pages and features.

Gamblers Connect, an award-winning iGaming affiliate website, and as of recently, a full-blown media entity, has gone through a complete rebranding that best reflects the forward-thinking aspiration of the company. Meet the new and improved Gamblers Connect 3.0, a revamped version of the industry’s rising star in the realm of iGaming affiliates and a website that is the epitome of cutting-edge in iGaming.

It is clear that the company decided to go in a bit of a contemporary way, and made some significant changes in the branding department. 

The new Gamblers Connect logo sports a minimalist font and slick design, further emphasizing the general direction of the company and its transformation to a state-of-the-art iGaming website. Modern and timeless, yet still easily recognizable, the new logo lost the yellow cowboy hat but kept the trademark green “nn” lettering, a staple of Gamblers Connect’s mission to act as the medium that coNNects the industry.

In addition to the logo, Gamblers Connect made several other striking changes to its website. Undeniably the most noticeable is the design of the home page. More specifically, we now get a clean-looking and time-saving home page that features the 6 most important categories of the Gamblers Connect experience. With just one click on any of the categories you are instantly taken to a separate page specifically for each category, and this drastically improves the overall productivity of the website.

Speaking of the categories, the biggest novelty is undoubtedly the new iGaming news section. In the past, 

Gamblers Connect featured the three latest news prominently on its home page. The new 3.0 version comes with a brand new and separate news section that has 7 different news categories and even more designated slots for banners, all while featuring the “Slot of The Month”,  the “Most Responsible Casino of The Month”, as well upcoming iGaming events.

Another big novelty is the new slots providers page. For the first time since its inception on the iGaming scene, Gamblers Connect created a separate page where it features all of its partnerships with software providers. Here you can find reviews on all iGaming developers currently promoted by Gamblers Connect, including their history, type of entertainment, licensing, as well as free/demo versions of its online slots and casino games.

Similar to this, the company introduced completely new pages for several other categories. One of these is the About Us section where you can see the numbers behind Gamblers Connect including the number of partnerships, reviews, responsible gambling articles, casino guides etc. Moreover, you can also see its rich trophy cabinet, as well as learn about the history of the company in a fun and interactive manner.

Gamblers Connect also created a brand new advertising page that drastically improves the communication between the company and anyone who wants to get in touch and discuss potential collaboration. The new design of the advertising page allows visitors to instantly get a quote for media kits, schedule a meeting, and view the markets that Gamblers Connect covers the most, giving its potential partners a straightforward and efficient way to establish communication.

All in all, the rebranding of Gamblers Connect is clearly one for the future, as it perfectly encapsulates the ambitions of the company and its creativity when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. There is no better way to demonstrate this than by creating a modern and minimalist website where seamless interaction between the visitor and the platform is a guarantee, and where productivity and educational content are a guarantee.

  • Gamblers Connect 3.0 – A Rebranding For The Future Gamblers Connect 3.0 – A Rebranding For The Future
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