Google omits gambling app ban in 15 countries

Google omits gambling app ban in 15 countries

Posted by: AffPapa

The Google Play Store policies have been updated as of late. The gambling app ban that is present in all countries except the UK, Ireland, Brazil and France is set to be lifted in 15 additional countries. This is amazing news for betting and gambling operators across the region.

According to a statement released by Google that featured all the new rules, this ban will supposedly be lifted in Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, the USA, Germany and others starting from the 1st of March 2021.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that the lifting of this ban does not erase the gambling regulations present in these countries. All regulations will still be in effect on the Google Play Store. However, players should not expect an instantaneous release of new apps available to download, as the operators will still have to go through Google’s tough application process before their apps are loaded onto the store.

When undertaking the application process, operators need to make sure that their app is licenced under the gambling regulations in the specific country in which it is set to be released. This is a requirement that will keep Google out of trouble with the law and make sure there are no illegal apps on their store.

Once these gambling apps are ready to be downloaded on the Google Play Store, the operators will dive into a completely new and massive market in that specific country. This will also open many new doors for affiliates.