How to play smart to win a 700+ HP Tesla in a weekly raffle. The ultimate prize offered by GreatWin

How to play smart to win a 700+ HP Tesla in a weekly raffle. The ultimate prize offered by GreatWin

How to play smart to win a 700+ HP Tesla in a weekly raffle. The ultimate prize offered by GreatWin

People love to play, especially when they can win a Tesla. Whether they do it during the lunch break or on a casual Friday night, they love to be in the middle of the magic Igaming world. Obviously, gambling is not always about winning, but the engaging flashy games and the excitement of having control for your next step.

Online gambling has evolved a lot in the past few years. Recent developments have favored the shift towards the concept of entertaining players in addition to the base gameplay. Now, it’s a really exciting time to develop new features, new opportunities and mechanics, especially in this industry. But what are you doing when the whole industry is trying to adapt to the demands of the players? Yes, you provide extra for consumers.

The players are more than used to benefits such as free spins, cashback or deposit bonuses, so choosing a perfect casino is sometimes hard for them.

Mate Affiliates casinos have always managed to be at the top both for users’ preferences, as well as a priority of affiliates. We are known in this industry for the powerful bonuses we provide and our high commissions with up to 60% RS. However, statistically speaking, it’s not always the basic bonuses that make people choose a certain casino. The design, the user experience, the new features and the possibility of having a big goal to play for, can have a greater weight in the decision-making power.

The players are aware of the speed of technology evolution in iGaming. So it’s pretty simple; if you want to be at the top, you have to constantly adapt, offering the most beneficial opportunities for entertaining and earning.

The newest casino of Mate Affiliates, GreatWin, understood the assignment. This new brand offers all the players super intuitive and straightforward ways to play some of the hottest games from the top casino games providers. GreatWin comes along with a number of excellent daily rewards, bonuses, and promotions, all optimized to boost the player experience, increase engagement and create a long-lasting and meaningful connection with the audience. Do you have in your portfolio the GreatWin brand? Have a better chance to maximize your profit with our newest casino!

Why GreatWin is now the most highlighted brand? Because not only does it offer in the weekly raffle a prize of €500, but after 22 weeks and 22 awards, one lucky winner will be the happy driver of a 700+ horsepower Tesla, model S. Offering the customer an enjoyable experience, to which is also added the chance to win an amazing prize like a Tesla is one of the best strategies for a mutual win.

How does it work?

1.Buy a ticket (of course, you can increase your chances by purchasing multiple tickets).

Tickets can be purchased using coins. There are 4 ways to get coins:

  1.  Make deposits
  2. Play real money games
  3. Participate in weekly challenges
  4.  Participate in tournaments

2.Participate in the Raffle (try your luck in the weekly raffle) – every week a player will win €500.

3.Compete for the ultimate prize – Tesla, model S.

The GreatWin team is really happy to announce this player-oriented campaign. `We know how important it is to find a great challenge for customers. They are always looking for something new, something to keep them focused, something extra. Moreover, GreatWin is our newest brand that can support a top user experience`.

This will be an interesting and exciting journey. It has to be a great one when you play on GreatWin. Do you want to be part of this experience? Now is the best time to do it!

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