Hipther announces GamingTECH CEE agenda

Hipther announces GamingTECH CEE agenda

Hipther announces GamingTECH CEE agenda

The agenda for the forthcoming GamingTECH CEE summit has recently been unveiled.

The Hipther Agency’s flagship conference, which was recently rebranded, will be welcoming a wide array of top industry professionals in Budapest at the end of September, where they will be able to make use of the event’s invaluable opportunities to grow their networks and expand in the Central and Eastern European iGaming region.

The forthcoming conference’s agenda was recently unveiled by the organizer, which is going to be packed with informative discussions and speech panels. The first day of the event will start on the 25th of September and will include a welcoming reception, which will also serve as the event’s first networking opportunity.

Following this, the summit’s first core day will be held on the 26th of September, which will start early in the morning with a discussion on regulatory compliance in the region’s major markets. The conference’s participants will then have the opportunity to learn from a discussion about the balance between responsibility and play, which will be held just before the day’s first hour-long dedicated networking break.

The first day of GamingTECH CEE will then present six more panels and two more breaks before hosting the GamingTECH Awards ceremony early in the evening, which will celebrate a number of the industry’s top firms for their contributions and innovations.

The second day of the conference will start in a unique way with a morning networking run, which will enable attendees to start their days off in a productive and healthy manner. Following this, the day will be host to three discussion panels, after which it will be providing attendees with yet another unique networking opportunity in the form of a cruise.

Participants will have the ability to network with each other over the course of two hours as they sail on the Danube River, which will be an unforgettable experience and will be an excellent way for the conference to come to a close.

Be sure to register for the conference on its official website while tickets are available. Additionally, check out our iGaming Events page to explore other upcoming summits around the world.

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