How you can help the planet as an affiliate

How you can help the planet as an affiliate

How you can help the planet as an affiliate

Our way of life can greatly affect the planet we are living on, and there is a growing call for us to make changes to the way we live to offset carbon emissions. As an affiliate, your life is digitized. therefore, you may think that there isn’t really much you can do to help, since you are not I a high-polluting industry.

However, there are many different steps that you can take in order to help the planet out:

One of the first things you should do is measure your carbon footprint. This will give you an idea of what you are currently using, and what area the most changes can be made in. You can roughly estimate how much you use simply by using an online carbon footprint calculators. There are also many experts that can help you on a more professional level. If you are willing to commit to a programme of carbon offsetting, this could be the best track for you to choose.

Now, as an affiliate, you should be highly skilled at sending clear emails. Nonetheless, you might want to think about improving this skill if you would like to engage with carbon offsetting. You might be mistaken in thinking that sending an email does not generate that much CO2. When compared to some other activities, it actually might not. However, sending an email does mean that it will pass through several points that are all powered by electricity and are all constantly producing carbon in one way or another.

Try to send strong emails covering all the bases instead of separating everything into many tiny unnecessary emails. It is actually estimated that if every British person sent one less “thank you” email every day, we could most likely save over 16,000 tonnes of carbon! This is equal to thousands of flights per year. It might just be a tiny part of saving the planet, barely making an impact, but small gestures like this all add up and contribute in the long-term. We once used to travel all across the world without giving it a second thought. But now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to move online and work virtually. Even most conferences and meetings are now forced to be held online. This has definitely proved to be a booming success, since it significantly reduced everyone’s carbon footprint.

Although there are still definitely going to be some carbon emissions that come with these methods, it is simply a tiny fraction when compared to what travel generates. Affiliate marketing already exists within a digital landscape, which is why we must look for ways that we can build take advantage of this and fully benefit from it.

Carbon offsetting is most likely going to be a topic that many businesses will have to adopt in the future, even those who are mainly digital such as affiliate marketing. When it comes to fighting carbon emissions and being more sustainable, every small change counts in the end!

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