iGaming affiliate marketing in 2021

iGaming affiliate marketing in 2021

iGaming affiliate marketing in 2021

The question we might all be asking ourselves during this new year is: what will iGaming affiliate marketing be like in 2021?

It comes as no surprise that the global pandemic has impacted every sector, every industry and every person in the world. We have seen the downfall of enterprises and the advancement of many others. The iGaming affiliate marketing industry has definitely also been affected, with trends completely changing in such a short period of time.

As expected, many businesses that rely on affiliate marketing to generate income are now facing many difficult challenges while trying to get accustomed to this new way of life during such a challenging year.

Ever since the pandemic began, the affiliate marketing industry has been under lots of pressure. With people in lockdown losing jobs and not having a stable income, their spendings have been decreasing accordingly. Commission rates have had to be lowered because of that fact, leaving affiliate businesses facing many obstacles. People within the market have been predicting that in-person shopping might actually end up losing popularity, as many people have gravitated towards online shopping under the circumstances of this chaotic year.

We predict that 2021 will certainly be a competitive year for affiliate marketers, especially iGaming affiliate ones. Affiliates should start rethinking their strategies in order to keep up and even stay ahead of their competitors.

There are also many incredible tools that help affiliate marketers in saving time and energy that would normally be spent on tasks that these tools could easily accomplish for you. Here are some of the best tools to keep an eye out for in 2021:

6 essential tools for iGaming affiliate marketing(casino and sportsbook):

1. Flippa

FlippaFlippa is pretty much the eBay of websites. It is an incredibly useful tool when you are in search of a website that fits your own criteria. It is based in Melbourne and San Francisco and has a number of locations all across the world including Barcelona, Copenhagen, Moscow, Berlin and more…

Flippa is a bidding marketplace where you can buy or sell websites. It is a great platform if you are looking to skip over the development of a website from scratch and acquire one with a good track record. Affiliate marketers can also look out for sites with a solid backlink profile that will undoubtedly start SEO growth.

2. SEMrush

SemRushSEMrush is another amazing tool for fixing SEO errors, keyword search and analysis of competitors. It is a trusted tool used by many huge companies across the globe that possesses a colossal database consisting of over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords. 

If you are trying to find the type of content that is driving the highest ROI for your competitors, anaylising SEO issues and the content marketing strategies of your competitors, then SEMrush is perfect for you. It provides you with an in-depth analysis of your content which can aid you in achieving all your goals and fixing your weaker aspects.

SEMrush has a bunch of very helpful tools such as Content Audit, SEO Content Template and Post Tracking.

3. Ahrefs

AhrefsAhrefs is a popular SEO software suite launched in 2011 that is designed for marketing professionals. It is used to analyse link profiles, SEO health and much more… Ahrefs offers various useful tools including a Keywords Explorer, Rank Tracker and Site Audit.

It has seen remarkable growth over time and is now used by many agencies and marketers. It will keep track of your SEO health and point out common SEO issues you may be facing, all while notifying you about any lost backlinks and keyword rankings.

4. Google Console

google-search-consoleGoogle Console is a service that allows you to monitor and troubleshoot your site’s ranking and presence in the Google Search results. It offers a variety of helpful services such as fixing indexing problems and viewing Google Search traffic data for your site.

Marketers can benefit from this tool by monitoring their website traffic and optimizing rankings.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEOAnother interesting tool, Yoast SEO is a SEO plug-in for WordPress launched in 2007. Despite the fact that Yoast SEO is available only on WP, it provides many different services such as keyword optimization, related keywords, key phrases and much more! 

Optimizing a WordPress website is key for growing your business and online presence. This tool gives users the ability to choose from over 100 SEO plug-ins that will help to improve the search ability of your WordPress website.

An interesting feature that Yoast SEO offers is that the word forms are provided in different languages including Arabic, Russian, German, Polish and more. 

6. AdThrive

AdThriveAdThrive was founded in 2013 by a husband and wife who wanted to help others with their ad income. Their services include custom ad placement, ad optimization, video monetization, insights on traffic and revenue, learning tools, etc…

One of the pros of using AdThrive is that you will still get paid, even if the advertiser does not pay them. In order to qualify for AdThrive, you will need to have over 100 000 page views.

Aside from the tools mentioned above, here are some steps that affiliates should think about before the year comes to an end, in order to have a more successful year in 2021:

  • Create a new approach that works for your brand
  • Have a strong team that will work hard on accomplishing this strategy
  • Think stronger, bigger, worldwide

Let’s further elaborate on these points:

Things are naturally going to be different post-pandemic. We should take a look at trends and habits before proposing schemes and plans in 2021. Go over your affiliate programme, see what logically works and what doesn’t. Rebrand, restructure, add in new opportunities and get rid of the outdated ones. In order to carry out this plan, you will need a team full of harmonious individuals who are ready to attain great results. 

Going global is also another excellent way to boost your brand. Figure out where most of your traffic comes from and try to find partners in these territories. Having a set plan is going to help you get a more sleek outcome from 2021, seeing as 2020 has been unpredictable for most. Revolving your brand around a small number of partners is risky and will most likely be disastrous in the end. It’s absolutely necessary to find ways to grow your affiliate programme through the formation of new partnerships.

Another important factor to take note of in 2021 should be the changes in traffic and where it is directed. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely caused a certain unevenness in the distribution of online traffic, with certain websites getting much less traffic while others experience a colossal boost. Trends within the affiliate marketing industry will have to adapt to the changes in traffic and people’s wants and needs with the given circumstances. Many companies might also have to stop relying on ad revenue, since their organic growth might decrease as a result of the times.

And, if you are looking for the perfect affiliate for you, you can find many different affiliates on the AffPapa website! You will surely find one to suit your needs.

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