iGaming voice by Yeva: 7StarsPartners

iGaming voice by Yeva: 7StarsPartners

iGaming voice by Yeva: 7StarsPartners

In a recent extensive interview with AffPapaAlona Sereda from 7StarsPartners discusses how the company keeps the games exciting, states predictions for the future of the industry and explains the importance of getting involved in foreign cultures and educating oneself. 

Yeva: Through what factors is a good partnership measured by?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the best scenario for a partnership is when both parties get the most of every new deal, resulting in a win-win situation. This way, its possible to quickly grow the brands affiliate program while implementing best practices for promoting new products and services. 

Yeva: How do you assure your clients that your websites are licensed?

7StarsPartners’ brands are currently holding Curacao, MGA and SGA licenses, and many more are already on the way. This information is available in the footer of every brand. 

Yeva: Your affiliates’ payouts increased by 400% in 2018. How did your company achieve such massive growth in a short amount of time?

Our success story dates back to 2016. The company was founded by a small team with big ambitions. In these 4 years, we managed to launch 16 casino and sports betting brands, acquire major European licenses, integrate the best casino and payment providers, and open new offices all across Europe. More than 4,000 affiliates are successfully working with us. It’s all about people who never give up. I truly believe in the strength of the team we have now.

Yeva: Do you ever lose motivation in the industry? If so, how do you overcome it?

Nope, I love my work and it gets me excited every day.

Yeva: Have you ever faced any issues with an affiliate or a player? How did you solve them?

Actually not, it’s important to treat your partner like a best friend, communicate effectively, respect each other and look in one direction.

Yeva: What are the pros and cons of the gaming industry?

The iGaming industry is growing drastically every year, meaning that this niches overall value increases too. Thats why its always possible to find good and reliable websites and get paid for bringing traffic to these establishments. The only downside is that regulated markets from all over the world have different restrictions, meaning that every country needs a special approach.

Yeva: Players and affiliates seem to love the products you offer. What are the factors that make you decide whether to add a brand to your website or not?

All our brands have something new to offer, whether its a new design with stunning graphics or gamification features that allow players to win prizes while accomplishing various challenges. Basically, its all about choosing brands with the best entertainment opportunities, including top-notch games of chance, live casino games, etc.

Yeva: Why do casinos give affiliates such a profitable deal?

Since the industry is growing fast it’s crucial to build a business in such a way that both parties are happy and satisfied. Some affiliates prefer to work on a Revenue Share basis, however, others would like to choose a CPA business model. We understand affiliates’ needs and close the type of deals they require.

Yeva: How do you make sure your players arent getting bored of the games?

We understand that players quickly get bored with games, thats why we constantly launch new brands, add exclusive features – we put much effort into providing customers with the best products in the industry. Unique promotional offers, appealing design, top-notch games by best providers – these are just a few of the things that fulfill players’ needs.

Yeva: What do you look for in an affiliate program? And how do you decide what affiliates to work with?

We do our best to make our affiliate program attractive for partners offering a great variety of brands to promote,  flexible commission models, expert guidance and prompt payments. 

 Yeva: Your website states all the steps you take to keep your partners up to date with whats new. Do you think the effort and hard work pay off in the end?

We are a big team of dedicated experienced professionals who strongly believe in what we do. There are no limits, just a huge desire to be the best affiliate program in the iGaming industry. 

Yeva: What markets are you looking to expand into?

 We successfully entered fast-growing markets like Brazil, India and Japan. As most operators we see potential in newly emerging markets. For instance, we see tremendous potential in Latin America, Arab countries, and Africa as well. 

Yeva: What do you think the industry will be like in 5 years?

More local regulations will come into effect in most markets for sure. It may pull out some players but it will increase and improve the quality of the business. Things are going to change extremely fast and we should be ready to change with them. 

Yeva: Do you see yourself being in the gaming world in the long run?

Yes, I do. Ive come to love it. Its a real pleasure to work with people and explore all the diverse opportunities the iGaming  industry brings. 

Yeva: Setting work aside, tell us some more about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Well, I like travelling – it opens your eyes and helps you learn who you are. Meeting people from different cultures fills you with new knowledge, you discover totally different ways of doing things. Its something you can’t learn in school or university. In my free time I practice Spanish, play squash and meet with friends. It’s the perfect way to rest after a long working day. 

Company: 7StarsPartners
Interviewee: Alona Sereda
Date: 17.12.2020

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