iGaming Voice by Yeva – Mate Affiliates

iGaming Voice by Yeva – Mate Affiliates

iGaming Voice by Yeva – Mate Affiliates

In a recent extensive interview with AffPapaCatherine Watts of Mate Affiliates revealed the unpleasant parts of the industry, explained how to ensure safe gambling and shared her plans to learn how to fly.

Yeva: How do you make sure you’re offering your clients the best value? 

We cherish the partnerships we create with our clients and always aim for transparency between us. This helps us to build what is called the best value’ as we take into consideration the feedback and requirements our clients have. So, for example, when an affiliate suggests us to implement this or that PSP or asks for a specific gaming provider on a specific GEO, we tend to meet their needs. The best value isnt simply offered, its created.

Yeva: What key elements do clients usually look for in an affiliate program?

  1. Transparency in statistics.
  2. Logos, banners, various landing pages – needed assets in general.
  3. No hidden admin fees.
  4. Payments on time. I am proud to say that we at Mate Affiliates cover all those points listed above.

Yeva: How do you ensure your clients that their information is safe in an age where security breaches are common?

Our offers are delivered on the leading Performance Marketing solution in the industry with safeguards on both physical and technical level to ensure information and data integrity and security.

Yeva: What do you think the industry will be like in 5 years?

Im sure there will be more operators and affiliates on the market. The industry is continuously evolving so I expect more players in the game.

Yeva: How do you make sure that players are being responsible while gaming?

We want our players to enjoy from the games that we provide, but at the same time to be aware of the possible social and financial harms associated with gambling problem, therefore we make sure to keep our players informed about the risks. We offer dedicated pages with all the information one would find helpful, we offer the self-exclusion option, and of course we encourage our players to get in touch with organizations that give consultation in the field of gambling. 

Yeva: How do you stay ahead of the game when there are so many competitors?

Mate Affiliates Catherine WattsWe always improve our services, our products, and with it, ourselves. So being in a constant growth mode, helps us with staying ahead of the game. I’m sure it’s been seen by so many partners of ours and will be seen by the new ones as well.

Yeva: What factors is a good partnership measured by?

IMO the factors that measure a fruitful partnership are transparency, trust, respect and professionalism. On top of that I’d add the human approach which consists of humour, understanding, empathy and the ability to build friendships in the business atmosphere. 

Yeva: What is your stance on responsible gambling? 

Gambling should be seen as a fun and exciting way to spend time, and not as an income. It is difficult for some players to perceive gambling only as a mean of relaxation and risking only what they can afford, as most players do. So we encourage our players to see the gambling activity as a mean of joy, and help them maintain control and prevent gambling addiction. 

Yeva: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why?

Fraudulent activities are the most unpleasant part in the industry and if I could, I would change it. Unfortunately, operators (and I believe that most of themif not all) deal with socalled affiliates that are tricking the system and claim to be professionals when in reality its the opposite.

Yeva: What markets are you looking to expand into?

We are looking to expand into LatAm and Canada.

Yeva: Do you believe that the industry is saturated? Or is there room for newcomers?

I believe the industry has a lot of room for new comers. Whats new is always thrilling.

Yeva: Everyone seems to like your affiliate managers, how do you choose who to hire on your team?

First of all, I’m not the one responsible for hiring, but from what I’ve observed over the past 2 years of working with my incredible team is that we care about each other. We are like a family together and when hiring we are interested in people who are open minded, friendly, with a strong personality and who would care about others. Put that along with professionalism, dedication, motivation (the ability of going an extra mile) and intelligence, and voilà we’ve got the perfect candidate.

Yeva: Why do casinos give affiliates such a profitable deal?

Casinos offer affiliates profitable deals when its profitable both ways. The whole process of bringing players to any brand is a very complex one, and I truly believe casinos appreciate the work involved in promoting them. In this industry one can not exist and grow without the another, so the relationship between affiliates and casinos is more of a symbiotic one. 

Yeva: What is your approach to drawing traffic to your site?

Mate Affiliates Catherine Watts

We make sure to stay up-to-date with trends from the markets we are being promoted on, so our offers would stay as attractive as possible. The best way to draw traffic on our sites is by improving sites’ quality and keep our affiliates informed. After all, the best marketing is made by the quality of the product itself.

Yeva: Do you see yourself being in the iGaming industry in the long run? 

I definitely see myself in the iGaming industry in the long run, as its an incredible space for growing and developing ones set of skills and values. Ive had the amazing opportunity to enter the industry 2 years ago, and since then my desire to stay in the game grew more and more.  

Yeva: Aside from work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy traveling, mountain hiking, reading, spending time with friends and meeting new people. I try to make the most out of my free time, so every chance I get to do new stuff, I take it. Recently Ive enrolled in a paragliding school, so Im about to learn to fly!

Company: Mate Affiliates
Catherine Watts
Date: 03.02.021


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