iGaming Voice by Yeva – Mobius Interactive

iGaming Voice by Yeva – Mobius Interactive

iGaming Voice by Yeva – Mobius Interactive

In an extensive interview with AffPapa, a team of co-founders from Mobius Interactive Ltd spoke of the highs and lows of the gaming industry, discussed the key to success in such a sector and disclosed their favourite activities that they have been enjoying as of late. 

Yeva: How do you make sure
you’re offering your clients the best value? 

Communication is key – when speaking with new clients, we give them the vision of our company, talk them through the different genres of the website offerings and get feedback from them, where the client highlights which brand is most appealing to themThey also give us their company visionmarkets and strengths, and give us feedback on our offerings, we listen and action the necessary changes that they request and enter into a partnership based on mutual needs for success.  

Yeva: What key elements do clients usually look for in an affiliate program?

– You need to be reputable and ensure you are trustworthy regarding payment processes and transparency with regards to terms and conditions relating to your affiliate program.
– You need to have a program that is easy to work around, user-friendly, with plenty of marketing collateral on offer, constantly updating new creative for current and future campaigns and for specific affiliate needs or campaigns.
– Letting your client base know your future plans in advance, so that they have the time to capitalize on the campaigns before the general public.
– Your website offerings and systems need to be up-to-date and your backend system needs to be secure, well-maintained and preferably cloud-based.
– Your tracking capabilities are very important to affiliates and data should be easily attainable. 

 Yeva: How do you ensure your clients that their information is safe in an age where security breaches are common?

Well, as an Operator on the award-winning UltraPlay platform, they have a strict policy in place for all their White Labels and Operators and do not allow anyone to have access to their backend, they do not even supply API docs in order to ensure that any integration onto the software is done only by their software development team. Anytime we want to add a new and innovative program to our backend platformUltraPlay does the entire integration for us, ensuring all our offerings to our clients are safe and 100% secure. 

 Yeva: Your website states that you are always 100% transparent with your clients. How important is transparency in the industry and what is your stance on scammers?

Transparency is the key to success – if you take your clients on the journey with you, being aboveboard, open and honest with them, regardless of the situation, they will be loyal to you and your business. Scammers try every trick in the book to take you down at every turn, however, we have a team of 26 Traders on hand looking out for scammers 24/7 and our own Risk Fraud and CS team contribute to that by raising red flags to the Traders. 

 Yeva: What do you think the industry will be like in 5 years?

Very different to what we are seeing right now. With the advent of AI, IoT and Virtual Reality it is going to be so real that reality will look fake in comparison. This is our stance – we think it is going to be very exciting to be in this industry now and into the future – the possibilities are endless. 

 Yeva: What markets are you looking to expand into?

We are currently expanding into India right now, as we have the necessary payment mechanisms in place and a good affiliate network in the Indian States we intend to enter, although we could do with many mor affiliates in this region
Canada will be the next market we enter within the next week or so and we are consolidating our efforts in that region right now in order to get the best deals for our player base. This will coincide with our soft launch into Brazil.

Yeva: How do you stay ahead of the game when there are so many competitors? Do you believe that the industry is saturated? Or is there room for newcomers?

Compared to other industries, for example in the retail industry andMobius Interactive specifically looking at Amazon, I believe the gaming industry has a lot of room for growth of new affiliates and affiliate networks, I do not believe we have tapped into this industry fully, especially when you consider how the USA markets are opening up, I believe there is room for many more reputable affiliate companies – and anyway, competition is good, it keeps you on your toes and only makes you better at what you are doing. 

Yeva: How far do you expect your brand to go within the next couple of years?

We have a plan of growth with regards to all our brand offerings on our affiliate website, as these brands have been designed with different markets in mind and we have seen how the players enjoy the different genres of these differentiated brands, so we know we are on the right track to be global within the next few years. 

Yeva: What skills do most failing affiliate businesses lack?

Relationship marketing is what is lacking in a number of affiliate businesses that I have encountered, it seems everyone is in for the quick buck and very few affiliate companies take the time to get to know their clients, what their needs are and where they can assist with the growth of these clients and succeed together. In addition, they are getting greedy and setting their CPAs and revshare deals too high, especially in mature markets. This has resulted in gaming companies lowering their RTP models, because of overpriced affiliates and a lesser margin for casino, forcing smaller companies and White Labels to do the same.  

 Yeva: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why?

I wish the gaming industry would be more proactive in standing together and pushing back against countries who enforce too much negative legislation and set too high commercials for much success in a number of regulated regions, particularly now, during the pandemic – in the UK they are still enforcing stricter laws against what they term “problem gaming” which has always been and always will be a small number of addictive gamblers, roughly 30,000, whereas the general population are not addictive, they merely enjoy taking a bet – on anything they fancy, whether it be horseracing, sports betting or even esports enthusiasts betting on their teams of choice. If the gaming industry stood together, we could show these governments that we have more regulations online than you will find in a land-based casino, we have been reputable for many years and we are respectful and helpful towards problem gamblers, assisting them away from the industry to try to get them to stop, but in most instances, they will just go elsewhere – into black markets, to get their fix. We have seen this, not only as a team over a number of years, but it is something that the online gaming community have known for many years – we need to find our voice and push back against these stringent new rules and regulations which are being thrust upon our industry, as a whole, constantly. 

 Yeva: Why do casinos give affiliates such a profitable deal?

Because everyone likes to relax and play casino games, regardless of whether they are predominantly sports bettors or not – land-based casinos have always been popular with the masses – and now the ability to play online, particularly during lockdown, has proven profitable for many online casinos and therefore the affiliates are getting a good deal out of most of these online companies.  

It’s a win-win all round!

Yeva: Do you see yourself in the iGaming industry in the long run?  

We have been in the iGaming industry since 2003 and we intend to be hereMobius Interactive for the long run, it is a great business to be in, one of the most exciting – as your world can change within a 6month period – you need to be able to roll with the punches, dust yourself off, and move forward with strength, knowing that your groundwork is solid and you are always one step ahead of the competition anyway! Having a strong, highly skilled gaming team on board allows us to be able to work hard and have fun at the same time! 

 Yeva: Aside from work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Free time? This is the gaming industry – a 24/7 business! Jokes aside LynnLynn Pearce likes to go down to the beach whenever possible, regardless of the weatherNick is glued to his screen watching the UFC and Robin has taken to reading even more than he normally does – but we are all taking bets as to whether he will drop this and go back to tennis after lockdown! 

Company: Mobius Interactive Ltd

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