iMovo announces 2021 expansion into Portuguese market

iMovo announces 2021 expansion into Portuguese market

Posted by: AffPapa

iMovo Limited , the digitalisation & CX solutions provider, has revealed its expansion into the Portuguese iGaming market in 2021.

iMovo’s aim is to truly cement its international presence in the iGaming industry and keep improving on its current knowledge in digitalisation technologies. This includes many different things like data science and analytics, artificial intelligence, and robot process automation.

Aside from Portugal, iMovo has also established itself in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and the Middle East. The company generated one-third of its total revenue from these markets alone.

iMovo claimed that this move to expand into Portugal was decided upon by the fact that, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country had one of the fastest-growing economies in all of Europe. The iGaming supplier is making plans to employ a large workforce there sometime within the first quarter of 2021

The Managing Director of iMovo, Pierre Mallia, stated: “Internationalisation has been on the company agenda since day one, when we first started up some 10 years ago. We are thrilled to be entering the Portuguese market and to be working in partnership with some really interesting companies there, about which we’ll make some announcements later on. In the face of the global pandemic the world is faced with, this venture clearly sends the signal that iMovo is a serious player and willing to reach out to new markets, rather than playing defense and going into cost-cutting mode.”

Other affiliates could possibly follow and expand into the Portuguese market themselves, as the iGaming industry continues to grow in the region.

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