Inside the Golden Boomerang Awards

Inside the Golden Boomerang Awards

Inside the Golden Boomerang Awards

Inna Gagarina shares her thoughts and expectations for the event by G.Partners.

In the heated race of the Golden Boomerang Awards, “G.Partners,” led by Inna Gagarin, stands out among over 220 teams, sharing strategies for success and highlighting the tournament’s unique opportunities for affiliates.

Currently at its highest point, participants compete for the top slot in Boomerang Partners‘ annual traffic tournament, the Golden Boomerang Awards, with players coming from all over the world. One of the leaders is the “G.Partners” group, which is headed by co-owner and well-known figure in the affiliate marketing sector Inna Gagarin. In just one month, Gagarin’s team has surpassed 224 other teams, demonstrating their capacity to produce high-quality traffic and catapulting them into the top three on the leaderboard.

Inna Gagarin discussed her experience and techniques for winning traffic contests in an exclusive interview with Boomerang. The prior good experience they had with Boomerang Partners was what inspired them to enter the Golden Boomerang Awards, Inna Gagarin revealed. The possibility of winning major prizes and a chance to attend the final award ceremony in Cyprus were two of the main factors that drew Inna to the event.

Inna Gagarin went into further detail about her team’s strategy for the tournament, saying that they aim to win the main prize and would use any and all ideas and techniques come to mind in order to get top spots and hot prizes. It demonstrates that even the best teams use strategic maneuvers to compete for the top rankings and awards.

Reflecting on her professional journey, Gagarin offered a piece of advice to her younger self and, by extension, to the tournament’s participants:

Trust your intuition more and do not hesitate.

She pointed out that Africa has the potential to become the next great frontier in online gambling and highlighted possibilities for improvement, such as getting into the Brazilian market sooner. Since Inna not only offers guidance but also follows it, she won’t pass up this opportunity to compete in the Golden Boomerang Awards!

Participate in the Golden Boomerang Awards tournament, provide traffic to any of Boomerang Partners’ twelve regularly converting products, and win prizes for your efforts every two weeks until the fourteenth of May.

The tournament’s top thirty teams will go to Cyprus on the first of June for an incredible award ceremony. There, Golden Trophies will be given out along with opportunities to network and celebrate with the best in the field.

To sign up and take part in this noteworthy occasion, go to

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  • Inside the Golden Boomerang Awards Inside the Golden Boomerang Awards
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