Interview with John Rose – Director of Acquisition & Head of Affiliate Management at OnlineCasinoShare

Interview with John Rose – Director of Acquisition & Head of Affiliate Management at OnlineCasinoShare

Interview with John Rose – Director of Acquisition & Head of Affiliate Management at OnlineCasinoShare

As part of the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa talked with the Director of Acquisition and Head of Affiliate Management at OnlineCasinoShare, John Rose, who shared his insights on how the company achieves standout player engagement rates and talked about the importance of having an experienced team in achieving success in the industry.

Yeva: Let’s start off by briefly introducing OnlineCasinoShare to our readers. What does the company offer and how does it stand out from competitors in the crowded online gambling industry, John?

Hello everyone! Thanks for your interest. OnlineCasinoShare is the affiliate partner program for the 2 very successful casino-only brands and Both sites focus on the US and CA markets and feature hundreds of slots, table games and live dealer tables from many of the top providers in the industry. We work on a high-bonus, high-compensation model that effectively converts traffic, and generously rewards our partners.

Yeva: The world of online gambling has solidified itself across pretty much the entirety of the globe. Which worldwide markets do OnlineCasinoShare’s brands operate in, and which markets does the affiliate program wish to expand to in the future?

While OCS accepts players from most markets, we have made the strategic decision to focus on our core markets; US and CA, markets we have been successfully operating in for over 20 years now, and in which we have a wealth of experience.

Yeva: Let’s briefly talk about the team behind OnlineCasinoShare, each of the members of which have more than one and a half decades of experience in the ever-evolving online gambling space. In your view, how has the company’s top-notch team enabled it and its affiliate partners to achieve success?

There are few industry veterans in this space longer than we’ve been, which provides us with a level of customer understanding and expertise that is unparalleled. We’ve taken the time to develop coherent offers and customer funnels that optimize our conversion rates from visit to join, and from join to deposit. These metrics are critical to savvy affiliates, and one of the many reason affiliates enjoy working with us.

Yeva: One of the most important parameters in an operator’s growth journey is its player engagement rates. What features do OnlineCasinoShare’s brands feature to maintain high conversion and engagement rates as the firm expands?

Our focus over the past year has been on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of each of our departments. As an example, our player loyalty and rewards programs have been totally revamped and updated for each brand, and we’ve expanded our personal VIP host team to ensure that we retain our customers, thereby increasing the revenues for the company and for our affiliate partners that work on a rev share or hybrid deal. We’ve also expanded our acquisition funnels, and in 2024 will be further optimizing our retention and reacquisition efforts.

Secondarily we plan on additional game provider integrations and the introduction of some very cool gamification elements in the coming months.

Yeva: Another important topic in the world of iGaming is responsible gambling. How do OnlineCasinoShare’s brands ensure their players can enjoy the pastime in a manner that is sustainable over the long term?

Like all responsible operators, we take problem gambling issues very seriously. In addition to easy to find links for professional help, our player advocacy team will immediately suspend or close player accounts on request. We also provide players with options to limit both play and deposits.

Yeva: The online gambling industry is constantly evolving and changing. How does OnlineCasinoShare approach various industry trends? Does the company like to integrate new trends as soon as possible or does it wait till they’re more mature?

One of the benefits we have is our ability to make quick adjustments based on market changes. We embraced crypto early and continue to monitor and adopt positive changes in the industry, including new game verticals. We’re happy to lead change as opposed to following, and we continue to ensure that our products and processes follow best practices.

Yeva: Has OnlineCasinoShare ever had to deal with a fraudulent affiliate partner? What steps does the company take to ensure its brands and legitimate affiliate partners are safe from these types of threats?

Every industry is faced with fraud issues, and of course we’re no different. We carefully review every affiliate account prior to payments to look for red flags; unusually high percentages of min depositors, CPA players with single sessions, and of course click bots, and transgressors have their accounts suspended or moved to a pure rev share commission which makes CPA fraud untenable. Ensuring that we are not overcompensating these types of partners give us the opportunity to further reward our trusted partners through higher payments and bonuses.

Yeva: Now that we’re at the end of our interview, I’m certain our audience would like to learn a bit more about you, John. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Could you share your hobbies and interests with our audience?

I started working in the online gaming space in ’97, and previously worked as a dealer in land-based casinos. I have always been an avid gambler myself, with my primary interest being poker, and I enjoy playing wherever I find myself near a game. I have been living in Costa Rica for the past 5 years and enjoy my morning runs on the beach, and exploring this beautiful country whenever I can get away from the computer!

Company: OnlineCasinoShare
Interviewee: John Rose
Date: 18.12.2023

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