Interview with Nara Umroyan – Head of Business Development at CardGen

Interview with Nara Umroyan – Head of Business Development at CardGen

Interview with Nara Umroyan – Head of Business Development at CardGen

As part of the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa interviewed the Head of Business Development at CardGen, Nara Umroyan, who talked about the basics of media buying and shared her insights on how CardGen can help media buyers enhance their businesses.

Yeva: Let’s begin our interview in a bit of a different format. Could you summarize in one sentence what is CardGen and what it offers to its clients, Nara?

Ultimately CardGen offers virtual credit & debit cards designed for media buying.

Yeva: Could you share a bit more about media buyers with our audience? Who are they and why do they need virtual cards?

Essentially a Media buyer’s job is to drive traffic to the website/business using various platforms, most commonly Facebook, Instagram, Google, Taboola, TikTok, etc…
Media buyers prepare/gather all necessary material for advertising and run ad campaigns on those platforms. Pl, platforms charge for ads- hence media buyers need a reliable payment solution to pay for the campaigns. Up until a couple of years ago (and for some media marketing companies to this day :D) they were using physical credit cards or wire transfers as the main payment method. And it is so outdated and inconvenient. Imagine opening a bank account, ordering a credit card, and waiting for it to arrive, 1 by 1, even worse if you are a team or company and not a solo affiliate. Don’t even get me started on suspicion of fraud and if the card has to be canceled or re-issued. Very lengthy process. Thankfully the payments industry is constantly evolving and affiliate marketeers’ prayers have been heard. Virtual credit cards come to the rescue. Convenience of instant card operations is paramount in media marketing.

Yeva: Let’s briefly talk about the team behind CardGen. Could you briefly tell us why they chose the media buying industry?

CardGen is a fresh product brought to you by industry veterans, who have been in payments for years and even decades. What made us choose the media buying niche? Simply because there is demand. We did extensive deep-dive market research and learned that although there are a lot of providers with very competitive offers, there was no perfect product that would tick all the boxes. So, we saw the opportunity and went for it😊

Yeva: Just like online gambling, the media buying sector is quite crowded and competitive. What makes CardGen and its offerings stand out from their competitors, Nara?

It’s Simple, we are offering a complete solution for running uninterrupted ad campaigns:

  • Solid BINs – Stable, tested by multiple focus groups using every possible scenario on every platform.
  • Convenient interface – Team & Budget management controls, instant card operations, Crypto top-ups with instant conversion to Fiat, multiple wallets, mass card issuance, transactional history and reporting… etc.
  • Security – We are very serious about security, 3DS cards, 2FA logins, and most importantly monitored registration, keeping the creeps at bay.
  • Literate customer support – Helpful and available in multiple languages
  • Simplest KYC you will ever come across with
  • Flexibility – Although our default setup is great, we offer an individual approach for each client to suit their business needs, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Constantly evolving – firstly it’s the only way to stay relevant, second – we have big plans and aim to provide the Ultimate Virtual Cards for every media buyer

Yeva: Let’s talk a bit about the company’s short-term plans. What will CardGen be doing at the start of next year?

Till the end of the year we will be busy with our new clients and expanding our BINs arsenal, however 2024 we will start with a bang. We will be at iGB affiliates London, stand A50 BTW, with a bunch of cool merch and great excitement for face-to-face meetings with our clients, product demos, friendly chats, and of course plenty of networking.

Yeva: Closely tying into our last question, will CardGen be participating in the forthcoming edition of iGaming Club London?

Absolutely, my colleague Anastasia and I will be there. iGaming Networking is like a ritual at this point. You cannot attend ICE or iGB and miss the iGaming party.

Yeva: Let’s bring our interview to a close by discussing CardGen’s longer-term plans. What will the company be doing throughout 2024?

Yes, we have great plans for 2024. In terms of conferences, we will be attending AW Dubai, the Tech Summit in Prague, and we will also have a booth at MAC in Yerevan in May – really looking forward to this one, to be honest, 😊 .. Then there is Sigma Manila, then Spice and the big Sigma Malta with a stand of course, etc…
In terms of products, our dev team is actively working on the release of new features, such as mass payouts, BI Analytics, more new BINs, and some bells and whistles to stay relevant 😊
In terms of business for 2024 we are planning to scale up, bigger clientele, bigger team, bigger revenue. Ultimately to be the Ultimate Virtual Cards for Media Buyers and Affiliates.

Company: CardGen
Interviewee: Nara Umroyan
Date: 15.01.2024

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