Interview with Nikki Kalehan – Business Development Manager at CannonBet

Interview with Nikki Kalehan – Business Development Manager at CannonBet

Interview with Nikki Kalehan – Business Development Manager at CannonBet

AffPapa recently had the opportunity to interview the Business Development Manager of CannonBet, Nikki Kalehan, who talked about the company’s strategy for maintaining its leading player conversion rates and shared her insights on how CannonBet ensures its affiliate partners can get the most for their efforts.

Yeva: Let’s briefly introduce CannonBet to our readers, Nikki. What does the company offer to its players and partners, and how do you think it stands out from its competitors in the crowded online gambling industry?

Sure! CannonBet is a one-stop shop for an unparalleled online gaming experience. It has a diverse range of games, from traditional casino favorites like slots, table games, and live dealer titles, to an extensive sports betting platform. From real-time interactions with professional dealers in our immersive live dealer casino to a comprehensive sports betting platform, there’s something for everyone.

What sets CannonBet apart is that from its inception, the focus was placed on player satisfaction. We prioritize fair play and responsible gambling, and continuously strengthen our support to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. While we recognize there are many fish in the competitive iGaming sea, CannonBet stands out for its commitment to its loyal, and discerning users. And finally, what sets us apart, is us! We have an incredible team of gamers and iGaming enthusiasts collaborating on cool projects, many will hopefully launch in the coming year.

Yeva: Which regions around the world does CannonBet target with its gambling and sports betting offerings? Does the company have any plans to expand its operating jurisdictions in the future?

Currently we are operating in Europe and East Asia. We have recently added a team member to help us expand into South America and West Africa in the years 2024 and 2025. They will help us conduct thorough research and analysis to identify markets that align with our strategic goals. Our expansion plans are always guided by a commitment to responsible gambling and a focus on providing a world-class and culturally relevant gaming experience to players anywhere.

Yeva: CannonBet offers its players a wide variety of experiences, such as traditional casino games, live dealer titles, and sports wagering opportunities. Which of the company’s offerings are the most popular among its player base?

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of experiences to our players. For a while, sports betting enthusiasts had the upper hand over casino lovers. However, with the introduction of Aviator and Crash-type games, along with various opportunities for diverse bonuses and the inclusion of high-quality Live Casino providers, we’ve achieved a more balanced split. Now, we see a pretty solid 50/50 ratio between casino lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Yeva: What steps does CannonBet take to achieve and maintain its excellent conversion rates for new players? Additionally, how does the company ensure its affiliate partners are able to get the most for their efforts?

CannonBet and AffPapa announce new partnership
CannonBet and AffPapa announce new partnership

For our new players, we’ve designed a unique welcome bonus that offers an exceptional opportunity to delve into the diverse offerings of our platform. We believe in the power of first impressions, so we’ve invested considerable effort in ensuring that our new users navigate an easy onboarding experience. We ensure support is available to our new users at every step till they get a feel for the platform and find it intuitive to use.

As for our lovely affiliates, we are committed to creating strong and lasting partnerships with them, as we recognize that our successes are inextricably linked. We continuously monitor market trends and competitor deals to ensure our affiliate program remains competitive and attractive. We tailor our deals to the specific needs and goals of each affiliate, whether it’s a CPA, revenue share, or a hybrid model. We recognize that quality traffic is the lifeblood of our business, and so we prioritize collaborating with affiliates who consistently deliver high-value players.

Yeva: Let’s talk about CannonBet’s approach to gambling industry trends: does the company implement them as soon as possible or does it wait till they have matured? Additionally, in your view, how does this affect the firm’s expansion and business development strategies?

Our parent company, LeoSoft, has always been driven by innovations in the iGaming industry. However, as we’ve grown and matured over the last decade, we’ve adopted a more cautious approach to emerging trends, carefully evaluating their potential impact before implementation. This approach helps us introduce trends that are proven to be effective, and minimize risks to both our users and our company.

While this may slow down our expansion compared to more aggressive approaches, it provides us with greater certainty in our growth. By taking advantage of new promising opportunities while maintaining our “customers first” approach, we’ve established a reputation as a reliable and responsible provider in the iGaming industry. We believe that this balanced approach is essential for sustainable success in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape.

Yeva: One of the iGaming industry’s most prevalent challenges is affiliate fraud. How does CannonBet protect itself and its affiliate partners from fraudulent affiliates, Nikki?

Unfortunately, as you said, affiliate fraud is a common challenge in our industry, and it can be time-consuming for our risk team to deal with. However, we’ve implemented a number of effective measures to mitigate it.

We start with a rigorous vetting process to ensure that our affiliates are legitimate. We assess their channels and websites to make sure they don’t promote fraudulent activity or misrepresent our company. We also have contractual terms and conditions for each affiliate to clearly outline expectations, payment terms, and fraud prevention methods.

We then continuously monitor the traffic quality from our affiliates to identify any suspicious patterns. We use analytics tools to help us spot potential fraud indicators as well as spot weaknesses that affiliates could address. We also maintain open communication with our affiliates to address any needs they may have, such as marketing materials or support.

Unfortunately, in the end, if we do detect continuous fraudulent behavior, we have to take action to mitigate the risk. This may involve placing affiliate payments on hold, conducting further investigations, or terminating the partnership altogether if all else failed.

Yeva: Responsible gambling is another prominent topic in the gambling industry. What steps does CannonBet take to ensure the safety of its players and the sustainability of its expansion strategies?

It’s been really great to see how regulatory bodies have stepped up over the years, tightening the reins on unlawful online advertising and putting the spotlight on support for those recovering from gambling addiction.

On our end, we’ve always made it a priority to ensure our players have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. We’ve improved our verification procedures, created educational manuals on user safety, and introduced early intervention measures so players can tailor their access and set limits if they want to.

Also, I know it might sound a bit self-serving, but we all know that responsible gambling is crucial for sustainable growth in the industry. We’re doing everything we can to assist our players stay safe, and that in turn, helps us maintain a positive reputation. It’s all about laying the groundwork for long-term, sustainable growth, while serving our clients.

Yeva: Let’s bring our interview to a close by shifting our topic of conversation a bit. What do you enjoy doing outside of work hours, Nikki? Could you share a few of your hobbies or interests with our readers?

Hmm…sure, outside of work hours, I drink! Haha I am joking. But I am on a quest for the ultimate life mix. Balancing my vices with some top-notch virtues, you know. Sure, I’ll have a few drinks, but I can also throw down some killer yoga poses! By day I rock it in the grey world of iGaming, and by night I write for feminist blogs; cause why settle for one flavor, when you can have the whole feast?
Thanks for your time and the wonderful work you folks do at AffPapa. Here’s to a life as balanced as a yogi on a seesaw!

Company: CannonBet
Interviewee: Nikki Kalehan
Date: 20.11.2023

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