Interview with Raluca Turtica – PR Manager at Mate Affiliates

Interview with Raluca Turtica – PR Manager at Mate Affiliates

Interview with Raluca Turtica – PR Manager at Mate Affiliates

As part of the latest installment of iGaming Voice, AffPapa interviewed the PR Manager at Mate Affiliates, Raluca Rurtica, who talked about the importance of brand credibility in the growing iGaming industry and shared her insights on the various methods companies can utilize to build credibility.

Yeva: Let’s start our interview by talking about an important topic for many gambling companies trying to expand in the industry, brand credibility. In your view, how significant of a role does credibility play in the growth of iGaming operators and affiliates?

Brand credibility is a crucial factor in shaping partnerships between iGaming operators and affiliates. In a business landscape where partnerships are key, a strong reputation ensures that both operators and affiliates can rely on each other’s integrity and reliability.
Trustworthy operators are more likely to attract high-quality affiliates, fostering strong partnerships that drive mutual growth and success in the industry.

Yeva: Continuing on the topic of credibility, what do you think are the best ways gambling firms can ensure their reputation in the sector, Raluca? Could you share a bit about how Mate Affiliates achieves this goal?

AffPapa and Mate Affiliates renew partnership agreement
AffPapa and Mate Affiliates renew partnership agreement

Certainly! The iGaming companies can solidify their reputation by earning recognitions and fostering long-lasting partnerships. At Mate Affiliates, our credibility is underscored by the numerous awards and nominations we’ve received from esteemed industry organizations.
On the other hand, our partners’ testimonials further attest to our reliability and commitment.

Being open and clear in all interactions is another cornerstone of our approach. Through transparency, Mate Affiliates has built strong relationships with thousands of satisfied partners, consistently adding value and building trust within the industry.

Yeva: An excellent way of building brand credibility in the iGaming space is by attending various industry events. How effective of a strategy do you think this is for gambling firms to build and maintain their credibility, and what is Mate Affiliates’ approach to attending gambling events?

Attending industry events is indeed an effective strategy for iGaming companies to build and maintain credibility. For Mate Affiliates, participating in the biggest events in Europe and Asia is seen as a valuable opportunity to connect with existing partners and meet potential future collaborators.

It’s true that people prefer working with individuals they know, and industry events provide the perfect opportunity to forge those personal connections. Going beyond digital communication allows for more personal interactions, giving partners the chance to know the faces behind the screen.
This approach not only enhances credibility but also strengthens the bonds within the iGaming community.

Yeva: Returning to the topic of brand credibility, in your experience, how does having a reputable brand impact the likelihood of an operator being targeted by fraudulent affiliates? How does Mate Affiliates protect itself and its partners from such threats?

Having a reputable brand can sometimes make an operator an attractive target for fraudulent affiliates. At Mate Affiliates, we actively work to protect both ourselves and our partners. We use various tools and software to spot and stop any suspicious activities.

By carefully checking affiliates and implementing robust security measures, we ensure the integrity of our partnerships and everyone’s interests are protected.

Raluca Turtica
Raluca Turtica

Yeva: Over your tenure at Mate Affiliates, what has been the most challenging aspect of being the Public Relations Manager at such a well-known gambling firm? What do you like the most about the position?

Working in PR can sometimes feel like trying to keep up with a dance that’s always changing its tune. The iGaming industry is fast, dynamic, and everyone’s vying for the spotlight.

Additionally, striking the right balance between highlighting our achievements and providing valuable insights to the industry adds a layer of complexity.

Despite these challenges, what I love about this role is the opportunity to shape the perception of a brand that I’m passionate about and the constant learning that comes with it. It’s like solving a puzzle, and each solution brings its own sense of accomplishment and excitement.

Yeva: To bring our interview to a close, let’s change the topic of our conversation a bit. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Raluca? Could you share a bit about your hobbies with our readers?

In my spare time, I like to head to the gym – it’s my go-to place to release all the stress and recalibrate – it’s like therapy. 😀

I also love going for relaxing walks and diving into a good book whenever I can. And nothing beats a good laugh and some quality time with friends. It’s all about finding joy in the little things!

Company: Mate Affiliates
Interviewee: Raluca Turtica
Date: 06.11.2023

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