Interview with Serhiy Shchelkov – Chief Sales Executive at Epom

Interview with Serhiy Shchelkov – Chief Sales Executive at Epom

Interview with Serhiy Shchelkov – Chief Sales Executive at Epom

AffPapa recently interviewed the Chief Sales Executive of Epom, Serhiy Shchelkov, who shared his insights on the most important parts of a successful casino advertising campaign and talked about how high-quality analytics can help gambling companies gauge the results of their campaigns instantly.

Yeva: Let’s start our interview with an introduction to Epom. Could you briefly tell our readers what the company offers to its clients and how its solutions can help gambling firms expand their presence in the competitive industry, Serhiy?

Sure thing! We are an ad tech company that offers two white-label products: an ad server and a DSP, which help publishers and advertisers manage and optimize their ad campaigns and control traffic sources. We provide full tech and business support, covering any technical needs that may arise when looking for a media buying and selling tool.

The philosophy behind our products is to make this process as transparent, convenient, and affordable as it can get. We build our features around that approach. Also, we heavily focus on user experience, so we provide the best support you can ever find.

Yeva: Successful advertisement strategies are vital for online casinos to achieve great results in the highly competitive industry. In your experience, what are the most significant driving factors behind a successful gambling promotional campaign, and how can Epom help industry firms perfect them?

I would say the most vital thing to keep in mind is that no one knows the intricacies and the nuances of your business like you do. You should constantly ask for as much data as you can, and Epom is ready to help – we can even provide raw log-level data and analyze the performance of each placement.

Also, look for an opportunity to make adjustments as deep as possible based on the data you gathered – analyzing and acting on the analysis is the key.

Yeva: One of the many important things to get right on a marketing campaign is the placement of the promotional materials. Which types of ad formats, particularly ones offered by Epom, work best for gambling companies?

Of course, the best ad unit is the most engaging and less likely to appear as an ad unit. So I would choose native as the least ad-like and video as the most attractive.

Of course, if you have the resources, it’s best to use HTML5 with playable ads or even a snippet of a casino game inside. Rich media ads like that are known for delivering 267% higher CTRs than regular banners.

Yeva: An important factor for gambling firms to consider when advertising is regulatory compliance. When working with iGaming companies, how does Epom ensure that their marketing materials are not seen by minors?

We’re compliant with COPPA, and we rely on the information from our publishers – they have to pass the user’s consent to receive such ads.

Yeva: Closely tying to our last question, various responsible gambling measures are often a major part of many operators’ regulatory compliance requirements. In your view, how can operators take advantage of this to further enhance their marketing efforts?

We urge our clients to utilize less aggressive messaging in the ads themselves and instead opt to better search for the users that the providers are interested in.

We also provide all information about the various features that help with responsible messaging. For example, Epom products support frequency capping that ensures a unique user does not see the same ad all over and over.

Of course, we provide various targeting methods to make sure your ads reach exactly who you want.

Yeva: For a variety of reasons, many gambling brands around the world target players from a small selection of jurisdictions. What GEO-targeting features do Epom’s offerings feature, Serhiy?

We have a geotargeting way of filtering users from countries to regions to cities in the ad server. We can also target a more specific location if the publisher passes it along.

On the DSP side, we can do geofencing, a method to pick a spot anywhere in the world and target within a 100-meter radius.

Yeva: When looking to advertise their offerings, many gambling companies seek solutions that feature high-quality real-time analytics, which will allow them to gauge the performance of their campaigns instantly. What analytics solutions do Epom’s services offer?

We decided that having more information is better than having less. Epom Ad Server analytics is refreshed every hour and provides plenty of useful information – it’s best to have your own BI tool to take advantage of all that data.

Our DSP offers real-time info so you can change your buying parameters and see the results instantly.

Yeva: To bring our interview to a close, let’s change the topic of our conversation. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Serhiy? Could you share a few of your hobbies and interests with our readers?

I enjoy playing video games (which have been moving to an almost online-casino-like nature), reading comics, watching football, and spending time with my family!

Company: Epom
Interviewee: Serhiy Shchelkov
Date: 04.12.2023

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