Introducing AffPapa Directory 2.0

Introducing AffPapa Directory 2.0

Introducing AffPapa Directory 2.0

Excited to announce the launch of AffPapa Directory 2.0 – a faster and more enhanced version, with new features to help our users find their perfect partners!

The ultimate iGaming directory for affiliates and operators has been revamped to meet partner needs and current industry trends. The updated version allows users to easily access the key information of both affiliate and operator accounts on the list page, making the search process more efficient. 

Apart from the mentioned, AffPapa has developed a completely new feature that allows users to post any message or promotion as a status on the list page immediately. Users can go ahead and publish their first status, newest offers, or anything else that would entice partners to click on their profile at a glance!

affpapa directory status 1

A huge benefit of the AffPapa directory is the advanced filters that make the search process for both parties much easier. The updated version brings in more search filters and categories for both affiliates and operators to choose from and find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

Affiliates may filter out affiliate programs based on whether the program charges Admin Fees and/or has a Negative carryover in the system. Similarly, operators will be able to filter affiliates depending on whether or not the latter charges Listing Fees. 

affpapa directory admin fees 1

Users should update the new fields in order for their profiles to be displayed while the new filters are selected. Otherwise, when searching for affiliate programs with no NCO, for example, their profile won’t be displayed in the results.

We highly encourage users to fill in all their details; there’s nothing more attractive to our affiliates/operators than a highly informative profile.

AffPapa’s CEO, Levon Nikoghosyan, commented:

“From day one, AffPapa’s main mission has always been to connect affiliates with operators, and releasing Directory 2.0 is a huge milestone for us. Our main goal will always remain the same and it is our duty to constantly improve our core product and bring forth a refined experience for our customers.”

The current AffPapa directory will be deactivated in one week (January 23, 2023), and the users’ accounts will be redirected to the new site. Newly registered users will now only be featured in the updated AffPapa directory.

Access AffPapa’s revamped directory by visiting

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