Kalamba Games discusses views on recent iGaming trends and participation in Slots Fest

Kalamba Games discusses views on recent iGaming trends and participation in Slots Fest

Kalamba Games discusses views on recent iGaming trends and participation in Slots Fest

Amidst a global pandemic causing distress in all parts of the world and wrecking various industries, with physical events being halted for a long period of time, it is safe to say that many, if not most industries, have been negatively affected. All we have left at this point in time to give us some sense of normalcy are virtual events and shows aimed to entertain everyone under a lockdown or stay-at-home orders. 

Many events have shifted towards online platforms to create a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the pre-pandemic days and to provide attendees with the opportunity to not miss out on their favorite events. 

 A prime example of that is the first ever Slots Fest, hosted by CasinoBeats on Wednesday November 18. The event will be held online, allowing many different developers to showcase their games and products during the festival. This will give players from all around the world the opportunity to check out a large range of games and discover new studios and suppliers. 

 One of the many developers that will be present during the festival is Kalamba Games.  

We are excited about showcasing our growing slots portfolio from an entertainment point of view with a pure focus on the games. Stated Gareth Dando, head of marketing at Kalamba Games.
We are also looking forward to exploring the other studio’s offerings and get a flavor of the latest trends in terms of themes, mechanics and features.

He also claimed that there have been many interesting trends rise up in the market in 2020 that will be worth mentioning during the event. 

When asked about the products that Kalamba Games will be showcasing, Dando simply stated: We will have a few things happening in the Kalamba showroom. Most excitingly we will be hosting a slot tournament where visitors will get to play our upcoming title Sadie Swift, with Amazon vouchers up for grabs for the winner.We will also demo some of our most popular games including, Pawprints of Purrsia, Maui Millions, Griffins Quest, Sky Hunters, Caribbean Anne, Blazing Bull and Joker Max.We are extremely pleased with the titles we have developed so far this year and cant wait to introduce them and our signature features to a new audience at the Slots Festival. 

 Dando further elaborated on the trends in the slot market throughout 2020, saying that there have been many interesting trends that are worth mentioning, most notably the fact that a lot of operators have been teaming up with suppliers in order to develop exclusive games. He stated that Kalamba has also done just that, partnering with Kindred to develop Ducks Till Dawn. Dando claims that the strong selling point in such a competitive industry is the ability to create a product that is unique and unavailable anywhere else. 

Another trend that Dando found interesting was the introduction of sequels to suppliers’ most popular games, therefore attracting fans of the first installment of the product and making them come back for more.  

 I also predict that players will start to consume casino content quicker,      says Dando.

We have also seen an increase in suppliers implementing licensable mechanics, such as Megaways, to add extra excitement and win opportunity to their offering. Overall, there has been some great content being released this year and the market continues to push the boundaries in terms of innovation.

He also disclosed that there was an increase in searches for online casinos after the pandemic started, which was caused by regular casino-goers searching for pro-lockdown alternatives since most casinos had closed down. Curiosity could also be a factor of this surge, since many people were looking for a solution to boredom. 

 Dando expresses that the main goal as of this moment is to make sure they lock in recently-converted players and making sure they are enjoying the online gaming experience. 

As a result, we have started to look even closer at trends in the land-based segment to ensure we keep the players that have converted to online during this period. We look at everything from themes, design andmechanics to see if there are ways that we can combine the best from both worlds in our upcoming titles.

 He ended by saying that it is highly likely that players, since they are spending more time at home, will be consuming casino content quicker than they normally do.  

This could result in an increased demand for new casino content and will push the industry to become even more innovative and to think outside the box.

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