Marina Bay Sands Casino reopened on 5th of August

Marina Bay Sands Casino reopened on 5th of August

Posted by: AffPapa

Singapore’s most iconic hotel’s casino – Marina Bay Sands, reopened again this Thursday after two weeks of being closed due to COVID-19 health concerns.

The hotel’s administration reassured the public by instilling a number of COVID-19-related regulations such as a boosted testing routine for the hotel’s staff, in order to minimize health-related risks when dealing with visitors.

The Marina Bay Sands administration also noted in a recent press release:

“The MBS casino’s reopening is carried out at a time when around 90% of our staff is completed with their vaccination process.”

The Marina Bay Sands Casino had previously been closed during a 2-week time due to 11 new cases tracing back to the establishment’s sanitation status.

Another risk-minimizing measure that the hotel promised to take after the reopening is limiting the number of customers in private venues and spaces, plus, the overall machinery of the casino establishment has also been moved to be apart from each other by 1 meter.

According to the new regulations, at each table there will be allowed a maximum of 2 customers at a time, while only 1 customer at a slot machine at a time.

Moreover, smoking, eating, or drinking will also be prohibited inside the establishment.

The measures will also include the standard ones such as required temperature checks, hand sanitizing, and social distancing, both for patrons and for the staff.

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