Mascot Gaming launches updated Risk & Buy feature

Mascot Gaming launches updated Risk & Buy feature

Mascot Gaming launches updated Risk & Buy feature

In the realm of iGaming, features are pivotal, transforming a game from enjoyable to unforgettable. Mascot Gaming showcases this understanding brilliantly with the new version of their famous ‘Risk & Buy’ feature.

Elevating the Bonus Buy Experience with Risk and Buy

There’s something irresistible about the Bonus Buy. In a landscape where innovation is key, the Bonus Buy feature has struck a chord like no other. According to a recent poll conducted by Mascot Gaming on LinkedIn, the Bonus Buy feature is exceptionally popular. Players appreciate the chance to fast-forward to the action, making this feature a standout.

Mascot Gaming revolutionized the conventional ‘Bonus Buy’ feature by introducing their pioneering ‘Risk and Buy’ feature that quickly became an industry legend. Unlike traditional setups where players merely have the ‘Buy’ option to directly access Bonus Game, ‘Risk and Buy’ opened up a whole new avenue of excitement and strategy by letting players risk their winnings for a chance to get to the Bonus Game. Yet Mascot Gaming has now set the bar even higher.

What’s new

At its core, the ‘Risk & Buy’ feature has always been about choice. While this essence remains unchanged, Mascot Gaming has enriched the new Risk & Buy, blending strategy with a dash of unpredictability.

The Buy Offer: Players are now greeted with a broader spectrum of choices. They can now select from three standard Buy offers, each with its own unique appeal. What’s even more compelling is the special random Buy offer, the value of which updates after every spin.

The Risk Game Evolution: The stakes have been amplified. Players now delve into a game inspired by the ever-popular Wheel of Fortune, complete with 3 layers. A special symbol on the wheel holds the key to the next level, where bigger multipliers and heightened risks await.

The Next Level

In a world where gaming features can make or break the player experience, Mascot Gaming continues to set trends. With this new version of Risk & Buy, the developer heightens player engagement, introduces more strategic elements, and ensures that each game session is electrifying.

Currently, Mascot’s website showcases the special Risk and Buy section with 36 games. This collection includes two slot games with the new version: ‘Wild Phoenix Rises,’ the debut game for enhanced feature, and the eagerly awaited August release, ‘The Pendragon Legend.’

It’s not just about offering more options; it’s about crafting a more captivating, multi-dimensional gaming experience that rewards both strategy and luck. As Mascot Gaming continues to refine and expand its game set, these latest enhancements are poised to set a new benchmark in the industry.

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