Moon World Resorts to build first ever $5b moon-themed casino

Moon World Resorts to build first ever $5b moon-themed casino

Posted by: AffPapa

Moon World Resorts Inc. – an innovative, contemporary, sophisticated destination Resort, has revealed plans to build massive casino-hotels resembling the Moon by 2027.

According to the earliest available information from the New York Post, Moon World Resorts Inc. is going to build first ever moon-shaped and moon-themed, contemporary casino-hotels in several places worldwide, including Las Vegas, Spain, The Middle East, and China, by the end of the year 2027.

The 735-foot-tall buildings are going to be 1/75,000-sized replicas of the Moon, including a 292,011-square-foot “lunar surface” on the property’s highest floor, according to Moon World Resorts’ site.

Further, the visiting fee will be around $500 per 90 minutes.

The sophisticated firm’s co-founder – Michael Henderson, stirred some more mystery by saying that the surface will definitely be ‘authentic’, as the people are expecting something unique and cotemporary, not revealing any concrete details about the material in which the future buildings are going to be made of.

The company did, however, reveal an image from the building’s project in Las Vegas, not mentioning where exactly it would be built.

According to other publicly available details, the property in Vegas will have a 10,000-seat arena, 4,000 suites, parking spaces for 6,000 vehicles as well as a planetarium, and more.

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