Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix form a strong partnership

Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix form a strong partnership

Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix form a strong partnership

The rapidly growing affiliate platform – Mr Gamble and Affiliate and Agents System – PartnerMatrix have formed a powerful partnership. 

The two organizations have come together to detect, address, and resolve problems within the industry among affiliates and operators. With issues like protection and openness concerning the platforms and back offices used by affiliates to monitor clicks, FTDs, and earnings, PartnerMatrix has generated an Anti-Fraud Intelligence solution.

Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix will also examine these obstacles and problems due to the unique media alliance to reach a much broader audience. Anyone interested in this topic is encouraged to visit PartnerMatrix’s website and go through a set of publications on the matter. The content will be released through the B2B iGaming media as well.

Mr Gamble is one of PartnerMatrix’s major affiliate partners, according to Levon Nikoghosyan, CEO of PartnerMatrix. He goes on to say:

“We wanted to enhance our connection for the sake of both firms as well as the online casino organizations who experience our service. We are also excited to collaborate with the Mr Gamble community on issues like privacy and openness, and other emerging styles, and to expose these subjects to a larger audience.”

PartnerMatrix’s brands will now be displayed on Mr Gamble’s website, with the affiliate platform already hosting over 27 PartnerMatrix casinos, with fresh offerings added on a weekly basis. The number of casinos recorded on Mr Gamble’s website has now reached 930.

Silver Portugov, Chief Business Officer at Mr Gamble, went on to say:

“A big aspect in the performance of an online casino affiliate is the firms that they promote to its players – they must be respectable and give an unrivaled adventure, which PartnerMatrix undoubtedly does. However, we chose to take our partnership a step further by recognizing some of the difficulties that both affiliates and operators face and then partnering with each other to find solutions. No doubt, we choose to share our findings with the rest of the community.”


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