N1 Partners Group – iGaming Voice by Yeva

N1 Partners Group – iGaming Voice by Yeva

N1 Partners Group – iGaming Voice by Yeva

N1 Partners Group’s COO – Andrey Akimov, talked in an interview with AffPapa about their recent partnerships and walked the readers through its fine portfolio of brands.

Yeva: Could you please give us a brief introduction to N1 Partners Group? Explain to the readers: why choose N1 Partners Affiliates?

N1 Partners Group is a company with expertise in the field of online entertainment. The goal of the team is to provide high-quality casino and betting products that meet the needs and expectations of players and partners alike. Every partner is given special care and assigned with a personal manager. Our support and call centre work around the clock. Payments are made on the 1st business day of every month.

The N1 Partners Group team follows 3 primary principles in our work: reliability, transparency, and safety. A big part of our job is working on the product innovations and improvement of the content for the players: localization, personalization, promotions, etc.

Yeva: How did N1 Partners Group start their affiliate program? What were the early challenges?

N1 Partners affiliate program began its active development back in 2018. From the very beginning, we had everything we needed: a cool product, great ambitions, and an amazing team. And the rest is history! As the saying goes: per aspera ad astra.

Yeva: Can you introduce us to your brands? Do any of them support cryptocurrencies? Which ones are the most popular so far?

Today, N1 Partners Group unites: N1 Casino, N1 Bet, Slot Hunter, Fight Club, Joo Casino, Joo Sports, DasistCasino, and the N1 Partners affiliate program. Our projects work on MGA and Curacao license.

N1 Casino (MGA) is our primary and most popular project, our first-born and our pride. Slot Hunter (MGA) is the newest project which has already managed to generate its audience of fans and receive the reward from AskGamblers in the category “Best new online casino”. DasistCasino (MGA) is a project that is catering to the German-speaking audience, they love it. Joo Casino (Curacao) has been recently renovated: it got a cool new design and logo, and updated its user-friendly mobile version. The casino itself got ‘pimped up’ as well: there are new welcome bonuses and a very popular High Roller reload bonus for the players. Fight Club (Curacao) (fka Lady Hammer Casino) is our fun little passion project that’s all about fighting for what you want and having wild fun at the same time. It’s serious and it’s funny – you’ll love it! We are also actively developing our two betting projects: Joo Sports and N1 Bet (Curacao). All projects working under Curacao license support crypto currency, and this is their great advantage.

Yeva: Which are your strongest markets? Any plans to enter a specific market in the near future?

As for MGA, I would point out Austria, Switzerland, Canada, and Finland. If we talk about Curacao, I would highlight New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil. Talking about new markets, we have launched our projects N1 Casino and N1 Bet in Nigeria. In the near future, we are going to launch projects in Greece and Serbia.

Yeva: Could you tell us a bit about your latest partnership with SOFTSWISS and their Jackpot Aggregator? What does this partnership mean for N1 Partners Group?

First of all, I would like to note that we always strive to bring our projects to a new level: day after day, we are working on their development and following industry trends. Thanks to the unique opportunities of jackpots, their controls and individual set-ups provided by the multi-purpose solution of the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, N1 Partners Group has the ability to combine any groups of players of all projects into its own global jackpots. Therefore, connecting our online casinos to SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator has certainly increased the gaming activity in the projects of N1 Partners Group and attracted a new audience.

Yeva: What’s a piece of advice you have for iGaming Affiliate Programs when starting their business?

First of all, you need to create a cool project focused on a specific target audience, carefully set up payment methods, and establish operational work. Of course, all of this is impossible without a strong team of like-minded people and highly qualified specialists. That’s the secret of success!

Yeva: What qualities would you like to see in your future partners? What are the red flags?

Our relationships with partners are based on the following key values: reliability, transparency, and safety. We maintain an honest, trusting, and open dialogue with our partners and business relations. Accordingly, we expect the same attitude towards our team. After all, we have a common goal: to create and maintain long-term cooperation and to get maximum profit. Thanks to constant communication and quick feedback, we can always synchronize our work and increase income.

Yeva: How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business? How did you bounce back?

Certainly, the pandemic affected all online business worldwide, including gambling. However, this difficult time allowed us to take several significant steps in the development of the company: we updated the old projects and launched several new ones, revised and optimized processes and company structure, digitized and automated the work of a number of departments, and most importantly, we continued to grow and develop.

Yeva: What measures does N1 Partners Group take to promote responsible and ethical gaming?

We take this matter seriously: our online casinos can only be played when you reach the age of maturity or the age specified by the jurisdiction at the player’s place of residence as suitable for online games. The player has an option to restrict their access to the account or ask support to do it for them. Also, there are links to sources dedicated to solving problems with gambling addiction on our website, to which players can turn if necessary. We draw player attention to the fact that playing at an online casino should not be viewed as a way to make money.

Yeva: What are your main values as an Affiliate Program? What’s the N1 Partners Group vision?

The N1 Partners Group team follows three primary principles in our work: reliability, transparency, and safety. Our team of professionals ensures that our values are effectively implemented in real life. We also pay special attention to providing high quality service for our players and partners.

Yeva: Tell us a bit about the team behind N1 Partners Group.

Oh! I can talk about our team non-stop, because it’s amazing. We apply a rigorous approach to the selection of candidates and the subsequent team-building. I think it could be the subject of a separate interview. 🙂

As far as you may know, a team is made not only by the joint office parties or team-buildings (although they are an important part of team formation), but also by the ambitious goals of the individuals making up the teams, and the paths they choose to achieve their goals. After all, during training, brainstorming, exchange of experience, solving current issues, and other such opportunities to prove oneself and increase competence, the team is formed and ‘cemented.’

For me, as a leader, the biggest thrill is to see my colleagues be passionate about our projects, the way they rapidly level up as professionals in their field, how they solve complex problems and respond to the constant challenges of the industry. Our team is one of the main priorities of the company, and we invest a lot in the training of employees, their professional development, and provide great opportunities for self-realization of their potential.

Just imagine, we had only 12 team members at the end of 2019 and 37 by the end of 2020. Now, there are 90 people in the team, and I think that by the end of the year, we will cross the threshold of 100 people!

We work together and relax together, we are there for the most important moments for our company, together we set records, and together we achieve our goals!

Yeva: Tell us a bit about yourself as a person; what are your main goals and passions in life?

I have a lot of hobbies: I like active sports – wakeboarding, snowboarding, archery, skeet shooting, kart racing, and quad bike racing. I started doing martial arts from early childhood – I’m a two-time World Karate Vice Champion and a winner and awardee of numerous international and European tournaments. This hobby became an important component of my whole life and shaped me as a person, giving me my character and my leadership qualities. I can’t help but mention my passion – the love for good cars. For 10 years in a row, I would travel annually as a member of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche teams to present new cars in Europe with their subsequent testing in extreme conditions on race tracks, as well as off-road.

I think that my hobbies also influenced our team, as I try to instill certain values in my colleagues. The team and I get a tremendous pleasure from progressing in different spheres of life – and this definitely gives you a lot of energy! Today, all of our corporate and team building events are all held in this manner: they are always united by some new interesting activity, which could become a new hobby for many colleagues later. Such an approach is now shaping our internal corporate culture.

I have been extremely motivated by ambitious goals, as well as a set of tasks and challenges, and, of course, by their achievement. This is impossible without a strong and friendly team of professionals who ensure effective and automatized processes. All of this allows us to go through trials, take challenges and conquer new heights, as well as provide the highest level of service to our partners and players. When I see the way we have already progressed, and when I see the potential of how we can progress, it charges me with all the energy I need to achieve our goals!

Company: N1Partners
Interviewee: Andrey Akimov
Date: 28.10.2021

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